October 8, 2010

Okay so this isn't my favorite shot of me. I feel rather large in this picture, but then again, I guess I'm getting rather large these days.:) Its kinda my job at this point. And check out that every growing belly button. Oh yeeeeahh, thats sexy.:)
The shirt is a tissue thin long sleeved shirt I got from Goodwill awhile back for like $2 but its really the heels that are the amazing part of this outfit. I can't take credit for them. It was my sister that found them at a thrift store and sent them to me cause they weren't her size. But they are BCBG and TOTALLY adorable! Aren't they precious??? If my sister had a blog about all her thrift finds, you would all be reading hers instead of mine because she is a WAY better thrifter than me.
Happy weekend! We have Eric's brother, sister-in-law and their little girl coming into town from PA! I'm so excited!