April 20, 2010

So this shirt is from the Goodwill and was $3. I love how thin and long it is. I'm wearing it with leggings cause its still chilly out in the mornings!! I can't wait for completely warm weather where dresses and skirts are the only thing that I wear. I LOVE it when its HOT.
I leave for a trip to Virginia on Thursday. I'm SO excited!!!! Two of our good friends from college are getting married and I'm SO excited for them!!! I love VA in the Spring and especially when I get to see all my JMU friends. Eric will be flying from his trip directly to VA to meet me there. I can't wait to see my mom, dad, sister and brother. I miss them all the time.
Hopefully I'll be able to show you a couple more things before I leave. I do have a dress I'm contemplating on wearing for the wedding. I bought it only cause it was $4.50 but I think I need your opinion. So maybe we'll take a poll.:)

April 13, 2010

Okay so I've been super lazy again. I have clothes to show you, but everytime I put something on, I don't love it, or I just think, "They don't want to see this." Like this J.Crew short sleeved shirt. White, boring, nothing spectacular about except for the fact that I got a J.Crew shirt for $2 instead of $18.:)
Here I'm wearing it with my black boyfriend blazer, which was $7, but you all have seen this before.
And then there are these. My galoshes or rainboots or gardening boots or whatever you'd like to call them. You see, my lovely wonderful dog Ellen, chewed my last pair to bits. I'm sure you all remember this event, where Eric's dress shoe just didn't make it through the night so you can imagine what my cute red white and yellow pair of wellies looked like when I came home from work and found shreds scattered through the backyard.
So I found this black Target pair (and I had been wanting black because then they'll go with anything, and because I'm boring like that) for $9 but I just didn't feel like they were special enough to share them with you all.
But then I remembered I had bought this jacket for $4 a couple weeks back and had never gotten around to sharing with you!!! It's the perfect spring coat and the sleeves can be rolled and buttoned up to make it even springy.
It came with a belt, but I like it better without it.
Ahhh, so finally something worthwhile to show you.:) I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. The hubby is gone for a couple weeks and its rainy outside which has given me the excuse to stay in my pajamas for as long as possible.

April 9, 2010

Hmmm, I think I have a thing for white. Oh wait, we already knew that. I don't know why I'm drawn to it. Its the first color I go to in a thrift store. Isn't it funny that garments are color coordinated? I find that its sometimes a lot easier to rifle through stuff in a thrift store than it is in a lot of department stores. If the thrift store has done it right, garments are normally organized by color and style, and sometimes size. Makes flipping through shirts really easy. So yeah, first its the white section I go to, and then the gray section. I NEVER go to the pink and rarely the red.
I love the neckline on this shirt. It has this small yarn that has been coiled into small circles to looks like flowers. And there are "buttons" that are crocheted.
The sleeves or straps or whatever are gathers and slightly puffed, giving it a girly feel.
And then this is one of the items I got at F21 this past week with my gift card. I've been holding onto it and haven't even stepped foot into the mall since December of 09 and so it was fun to browse. Although I think I really am ruined for life. I could only shop in the clearance rack!!! Everything felt SO expensive hahaha! This sweater, which I've been looking for one like it forever, was only $9.50!!! Oh and the shirt was $3.
Its long in the back which I love.

Happy Friday!!! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully sunshine!!!:)

April 8, 2010

So here are a couple of my treasures that have been redone and found places in our home. Remember these?
Well, now they look like this. They hang in my bedroom, so I wake up to them every morning which I just love. Excuse the no curtains/curtain rods. I'm currently changing them out. I just love the way this turned out!!! And see that little bit of the dresser underneath the frames? Well the debut of that beauty is coming soon. Ordering and installing the hardware is the only thing that is keeping me from showing it to you.
I also finished this. I just LOVE pedestal coffee tables and this one is no different. It came in its natural wooden state, and I knew it needed a loving coat of white to make it glow. I love it to pieces, but I think our space needs a rectangle or oval coffee table. So alas, its for sale.:)
I made this springy centerpiece out of shells from when we lived in Florida, a white serving dish and some white candles I had around the house.
I can't wait to paint our living room. Its slowly all coming together!! Its feeling so springy at home I just love it.
So, got this shirt yesterday. I saw it on my way to the check out counter at the Salvation Army and just picked it up and bought it. Didn't even try it on. It just looked flowly, breezy and completely comfortable. And I was right. Its all of the above. Oh and it was $2.
What isn't so great about this shirt are two things. First being that it came with sequins, clear ones, but sequins none the less, all over the embroidered part of the shirt. I am NOT a sequin fan when it comes to normal, every day shirts. Dresses and shirts for going out are fine, as long as its done tastefully. I just feel Bedazzled it I'm wearing sequins on everyday clothes. So, when I saw it, I knew I'd be ripping out every last one of them, which I did last night while watching Hancock with the hubby. It didn't take horribly long cause they were all sewn on by one long thread so I just snipped it in a bunch of places and just pulled it all out.
The other thing that was wrong with this shirt, with no fault of its own, was that by the time it got to work with me this morning, it had egg all down the front. Yes, egg. I know! SO RUDE! Well the fact is, is that I got too greedy and hungry that I decided to eat my egg/turkey/cheese muffin that I make myself every morning. I usually wrap it up in foil and eat it when I get to work. Nope, not today. I was just FAMISHED or so I thought and this also happened to be the morning that I was also a little rushed and didn't let the yolk cook all the way, and I threw it on my english muffin, swaddled that thing in foil and ran out the door. I'm about to enter the highway when I take my second bite, and look down to see that I had egg yolk dripped all over the front of me. Jeans, shirt, seat belt. The works. Peeerrrrrfect. Thanks to Shout Wipes and mad skills with driving with my knees (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Especially when driving on the interstate like I was) it is almost completely invisible and back to its sheery beautiful state of being.
Speaking of invisible, I think I look like a ghost here. (Ya like that transition, eh?? Eh??) Clearly I'm a little over-exposed on my lighting. Or just part angel. Guess you'll never know.
You all have a great day. Beware of under cooked egg yolks.

April 7, 2010

This entire outfit is actually from the thrift store. I was trying to figure out the total cost of the outfit this morning, and I think I came to the conclusion that it was $16 total - shirt, jeans and boots. Pretty crazy eh?:) I went to Forever21 the other day, to use my giftcard, don't worry:) and I could only shop the sale rack!!! I think I'm ruined for life! When I know I can buy a shirt for $1.50, its really hard to pay $25 for one.
Its the tissue thin, linen babydoll shirt that is making its debut today. It was $1.50 at Salvation Army a couple weeks ago, I just haven't worn it yet. But I think it'll be a staple this summer as its super lightweight and of course, WHITE, so it goes with everything. I'm likin' this one a lot.:)
Ta-ta for now!!!

April 6, 2010

I am SO sorry for how delinquent I've been recently!!!! I'm not sure what it is, I've just been in a funk! I could give you plenty of excuses, like how Eric and I have been working none stop it feels like on the house, I've been painting quite a bit of furniture and I've just been super tuckered out recently!!! I'm blaming the incoming Spring and weather changes. Although I'm not complaining in the least. I'm loving it being warmer.
Today feels like a spring day in OK. Warmer, but has the nippy wind that just makes the day a little too blustery. I got this sweater/shirt a couple weeks ago actually, during one of Salvation Army's 1/2 off days. I'm loving its mustard color.
For a buck fifty, not too shabby.:)

April 2, 2010

Hiiiiiii!!! I know I know I have been SERIOUSLY MIA. And for that, I apologize.

I swear I haven't forgotten about you all, nor did I run off on a F21 or Urban Oufitters shopping rampage and am too ashamed to admit that I caved. I haven't caved. I just haven't been treasure hunting in what feels like FOREVER. And so I didn't have anything to show you!!! I'm trying to not go as much. Like as in once a week, as opposed to 4 times.:) Its not cause I'm spending too much money, HA! I just can't handle that many clothes! My closet is full!!! So, posts will probably be a little bit fewer. I just can't keep up this pace all year long. Soon Eric wouldn't have a closet, and believe it or not, that boy has a closet full too.

But I am going to the Goodwill right after I'm done here and then heading to the gym. So I thought I'd show you my black gym top that is Target brand that still had the tags on it that I got a couple weeks ago. I'm normally a yoga pants and t-shirt kinda girl, cause I think gym clothes are often VERY ugly. And I feel like the tops are always too short. But this one is: black, long, spaghetti strap, and racerback. Check, check, check, and check. Oh, and $2. Check.
Happy Friday and I promise to return with many treasures!!!:)