April 7, 2010

This entire outfit is actually from the thrift store. I was trying to figure out the total cost of the outfit this morning, and I think I came to the conclusion that it was $16 total - shirt, jeans and boots. Pretty crazy eh?:) I went to Forever21 the other day, to use my giftcard, don't worry:) and I could only shop the sale rack!!! I think I'm ruined for life! When I know I can buy a shirt for $1.50, its really hard to pay $25 for one.
Its the tissue thin, linen babydoll shirt that is making its debut today. It was $1.50 at Salvation Army a couple weeks ago, I just haven't worn it yet. But I think it'll be a staple this summer as its super lightweight and of course, WHITE, so it goes with everything. I'm likin' this one a lot.:)
Ta-ta for now!!!

1 comment:

  1. That is one super-stylin' outfit for $16! LOVE IT!

    That top is soooooo nice, Anna - JEALOUS!