April 9, 2010

Hmmm, I think I have a thing for white. Oh wait, we already knew that. I don't know why I'm drawn to it. Its the first color I go to in a thrift store. Isn't it funny that garments are color coordinated? I find that its sometimes a lot easier to rifle through stuff in a thrift store than it is in a lot of department stores. If the thrift store has done it right, garments are normally organized by color and style, and sometimes size. Makes flipping through shirts really easy. So yeah, first its the white section I go to, and then the gray section. I NEVER go to the pink and rarely the red.
I love the neckline on this shirt. It has this small yarn that has been coiled into small circles to looks like flowers. And there are "buttons" that are crocheted.
The sleeves or straps or whatever are gathers and slightly puffed, giving it a girly feel.
And then this is one of the items I got at F21 this past week with my gift card. I've been holding onto it and haven't even stepped foot into the mall since December of 09 and so it was fun to browse. Although I think I really am ruined for life. I could only shop in the clearance rack!!! Everything felt SO expensive hahaha! This sweater, which I've been looking for one like it forever, was only $9.50!!! Oh and the shirt was $3.
Its long in the back which I love.

Happy Friday!!! Enjoy your weekend and hopefully sunshine!!!:)


  1. The second photo from the bottom is stunning nice pose! Thrifting is SO addicting. Just so you know I bought something last week and painted it white in honor of you. I wish I could have you over to do an apartment makeover. I LOVE the white coffee table in the last post. Unfortunately, our lovely apartment came with ugly carpet and i have yet to figure out how to overcome it.

  2. Nice! YAY Forever 21! A change.

    White is my favourite colour and I'm ALWAYS drawn to it! I TRY to add colour, but, just love it so much ;)

    PS - did you see my thrift store finds (a couple posts back)? I have more, and you would be proud ;)

  3. PS - my gf (one of my bridesmaids actually!) says she loves your blog and reads it all the time (but she doesn't have an account and doesn't comment - not on mine either)

  4. The top of the white shirt is adorable!

    I just gave you an award...