January 30, 2010

What does Daisy Fuentes do anyway?

Cause this shirt is from her line, which I think is at Kohls. Was she a model? An exercise guru? For some reason I remember her hosting America's Funniest Home Videos - am I totally wacked out or is that right? Anyway, the shirt is long and comfortable, 3/4 sleeves (which I'm a sucker for) and was $2 so I'm not too concerned about what made Daisy famous. I've never bought anything of hers from Kohls, but then again, I never buy anything from Kohls. Vera Wang has a line there, and I think every other celebrity, including Avril Lavigne, Fergie, Ashley Judd has makeup, along with... the Baby Phat designer, whats her name? But I can't ever seem to find anything I like! Does anyone find things there? If so, what am I missing???

January 28, 2010

Ice? Yes please.

Well nothing of this outfit was from a thrift store except the teal shirt underneath. Sorry I am not showing it to you in its fullest capacity. It made for a nice tank under my sweater though. It was one of the items I got from Good will this past weekend.

On another note, Oklahoma is expecting a large ice storm to hit us at any time today. Its hilarious how freaked out people get. In general. Not just here in Oklahoma, although they seem to be above average. The governor declared it a state of emergency. YESTERDAY. More than 24 hrs prior to any precipitation falling from the sky. Hahaha, apparently, according to Facebook, everyone and their mom was stocking up on groceries and the like as well. One girl said that everyone was preparing for the "Y2K, er, I mean ice.":)

I can understand some what of the craziness though. The last ice storm that hit, 2 years ago, knocked power out in like 30% of the State and a lot of people didn't have power for almost 2 weeks. It was bad. So, I think people are scared it'll be like that again.

I on the otherhand, just don't want to go to work this morning, so I was hoping for somewhat of a freezing rain to have already begun. I'm slightly procrastinating in getting ready... hence the 8am blogging....

January 27, 2010

Shopping in the L department

This creamed color lightweight sweater was from a treasure hunt at one of the local Goodwills this past weekend. I actually found quite a few items there that I'll be showing you soon, I just haven't photographed yet. This sweater was a large, (not normally the size area I shop in, but I have recently begun to - cause I like big shirts.) I paired it with my Rich & Skinny black jeans and black open-toed booties that Eric thinks is absolutely ridiculous.:) I love walking out of the bedroom in something I KNOW will get a reaction out of him. He's very traditionl, so its not that hard to get a laugh and a "Oh gosh - thats.... interesting.":)

January 23, 2010

Ahhh J.Crew

So I found this J.Crew top - and yes, its a turtleneck. We've had this conversation before, haven't we? The one about how I own entirely way too many turtlenecks for a 25, er, 26 year old? (Just had a birthday and its the first one I don't want to talk about.) It's slightly disturbing. I am CONSTANTLY reminded of that movie with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton (love her!), what is it? Dang... what's the name of that movie??? Somethings Got To Give maybe? Anyway, Diane Keaton wears a turtleneck throughout THE ENTIRE MOVIE. And Jack is like, "Whats with the turtleneck?" In which she replies something cute and sassy which I can't remember, but ever since then I've been super self-conscious about how many turtlenecks I have and how often I wear them. I'm 26 and I already dress like a 55 year old! Anyway, I swore off turtlenecks ago, oooh about two weeks ago, and then what did I find but a lightweight J.Crew stripped turtleneck. And for $4. Can't beat it.

Although I do slightly feel like an inmate in it....

January 21, 2010

Its been awhile - I apologize. I went skiing. In the Rockies. So ya can't blame me. Thats way better than thrifting. BUT LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!
I have been wanting a mens (or womens) tux jacket and I found one! For $15 bucks! I found this cute little consignment shop today and EVERYTHING in the store was 50%. Otherwise, it would have been a little pricey for my liking. I'm SUPER stoked about this find though cause I was literally thinking just today (prior to seeing the store while driving by and slamming on the brakes so I could make the right hand turn into the the parking lot) "It would be great to find a tux jacket. That will probably be tricky - not many of those trampsin' around central OK." And here I am. Standing in my bathroom taking pictures for you. (and the black blurb next to my leg is Ellen's bee-hind when she decided to wander in, wondering what the heck I was doing.)
I took about a million pictures cause I'm realizing just how hard it is to take pictures of yourself when you're attempting to demonstrate the amazing purchase you are wearing.

I find myself very amusing when I'm like "OH MY GOSH!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND THIS!!!! LOOK AT THIS NAMEBRAND!!! AND IN OKLAHOMA!!!" It's like I've never been in a thrift store or found anything slightly useful and that the people of Oklahoma are completely void of style. I mean seriously, I practically did all of this already, except I slapped a title on the blog and decided to be super extreme about. And I definitely know some super trendy people who are native to this great state, as to whether or not they give their leftovers to Goodwill is another question. So - this is a pledge to simma down.:)

January 11, 2010

I got religion.

Can you see what this is??? It's True Religion jeans. So wonderful. So beautiful. Not that I own any, or have ever owned a pair, or plan on it (only because I'm WAY to cheap, not because I don't like them. Heck, hand-me downs are WONDERFUL! I got a pair of 7's from my generous friend Taylor and I love them to great!) BUT - this gives hope to a doubtful soul such as mine. If there are True Religion jeans out there to be bought, in OKLAHOMA, then there HAS to be items of clothing that are not only wearable, and my style, but are brand name.

January 8, 2010

I take 30 minutes in the dressing room to try on one item.

And this is why.... I seriously act like I'm out in life with my garment-of-question on. It's ridiculous. And if you put a video camera in my dressing room (beyond the fact that would be way creepy, and totally illegal) you would get quite the production. I dance, talk to myself, view from all angles, lean up against the wall and just stare at myself, and as you have now seen, try on sunglasses and take pictures. IT'S TOTALLY WERID! I know! But as I have stated before, I need help. I have to be convinced to buy something I'm so stinkin' cheap. And thats my convinced/not so convinced method.
I bought this sweater, from Gap for $4 (No, its produced by Gap, I didn't get it from there). Not bad. It's not amazing, but I'm realizing I can't be super super picky. I mean seriously, I've got slim picken's here in the grand state of Oklahoma.

Disclaimer: can we talk about the fact that I kinda look like I have a belly in the above photo?? No, I'm not preggo's. I arch my back and jut my stomach out when I stand (It sounds so wonderfully lady-like and feminie when you put in on paper, doesn't it? NOT.) So yeah... that's where thats coming from. No bun-in-the-oven.
And yes... this is the same thrift store I went to the other day. Yessss... it was for the $1 Thursday. I HAD to go! I mean, who could pass that up?? Which ended up to be a complete disappointment because all the items that you're allowed to choose from are on the DISCOUNT RACK. Another term for that in the thrifting world is JUNK AND ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING RACK. So, not such luck with $1 Thursdays.
And this is me this morning. It was 5 degrees, not including the massive gusts of wind this blessed state bestows on us, so I thought a nice warm sweater would be perfect for today. It was!

January 5, 2010

I have a cheap demon sitting on my shoulder...

THEY SELL BRAS AND UNDERWEAR!!!! And here's proof. I mean, I already knew this, but seeing it in actuality is just disturbing. Especially since I am now a frequent visitor of thrift stores. Thank GOD I thought of a loop hole for that one prior to making this challenge for myself. I probably would have quit the whole year entirely.
I was pleased to see some familiar brand names as I pawed through stuff. I tried on about five things and came away with one. Not a ton of selection, but its okay, I expected this. Another problem I ran into, is that I overheard an employee talking to a customer about how every Thursday at this particular shop, they have $1 Thursdays. Anything you can fit into a shopping bag, you get for one buck. So naturally my overwhelmingly cheap demon that constantly sits on my left shoulder, in it's parental voice said, "You know what to do. Put it all back. Come back on Thursday. Why spend $10 when you can get ALL kinds of stuff for $1?" And then my reasonable, logical, frugal just not stingy, angel who sits on my right shoulder said, "Seriously? You're buying ONE SHIRT. FOR FOUR DOLLARS. Buy it. Now. And MAYBE come back on Thursday, cause there's no use buying someone else's trash when it really is trash." I bought the shirt.
Here is what I was shopping in, which is also what I wore to work today.

Here's what I bought. It's like a game!!! Find what's missing game!!! Can you see it?? My turtleneck of course!:) I purchased a Target brand, plain black light knitted sweater for a grand total of $4.32 that looks almost exactly like the one I was wearing. Which isn't too odd for me anyway. I have this horrible tendency to purchase variations of the same piece of clothing, and regularly in the same color: gray, white or black. I'm a horrible stylist.

January 1, 2010

Here goes nothing.

And here we begin.... my journey of nothing new and unused. I am actually really really excited about this. For those who have not heard - I have made a New Years Resolution. It is my first resolution - EVER. And no, its not to work out or eat healthy. My resolution for the year 2010 is that all my personal purchases (for further explanation, click here) has to be recycled. Not actually recycled recycled, but that nothing I buy can be new. Garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, hand-me-downs, they are now my only venue of shopping. I will purchase nothing out of a department store, which means, sadly there is no more Forever21 or Urban Outfitters.:(

I have had some questions and want to make it clear as to how extreme this challenge is. It's not for EVERYTHING I purchase all year. It's what I buy myself to WEAR. Shampoo, deodorant, coffee mugs, groceries (yes, that has been asked if I will buy recycled) household items - all those things can and will be purchased new. I understand some people's confusion as to far I will am taking this. I am already a Craigslister at nature. My car, couches, TV, four poster bed and pretty much everything else in my house is off of Craigslist or some garage sale, BUT that is not what this challenge is. Its personal this time.

So this blog is designed solely for the purpose of allowing me to show you the treasures I will find, the hardships of searching for items that I need, and to just share the experience with others of only buying used.

So here are the rules:
1. Any undergarments will be bought NEW. Hygiene is still important to me, regardless of bending the rules a bit.
2. Anything I would wear or purchase in a store, such as purses, scarves, coats, boots, jeans, tank tops - anything must and will be purchased used.
3. Giftcards do not count. I am allowed giftcards in department stores. I just can't use my own personal money to make those purchases.
4. Giftcards and gifts are TOTALLY welcome.:)

I have included a photo of my dress from lastnight cause it was a hand me down from my sister. I thought starting the new year off with my resolution was only the right thing to do.:)

I'm excited you've enjoyed me on this journey!