January 1, 2010

Here goes nothing.

And here we begin.... my journey of nothing new and unused. I am actually really really excited about this. For those who have not heard - I have made a New Years Resolution. It is my first resolution - EVER. And no, its not to work out or eat healthy. My resolution for the year 2010 is that all my personal purchases (for further explanation, click here) has to be recycled. Not actually recycled recycled, but that nothing I buy can be new. Garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, hand-me-downs, they are now my only venue of shopping. I will purchase nothing out of a department store, which means, sadly there is no more Forever21 or Urban Outfitters.:(

I have had some questions and want to make it clear as to how extreme this challenge is. It's not for EVERYTHING I purchase all year. It's what I buy myself to WEAR. Shampoo, deodorant, coffee mugs, groceries (yes, that has been asked if I will buy recycled) household items - all those things can and will be purchased new. I understand some people's confusion as to far I will am taking this. I am already a Craigslister at nature. My car, couches, TV, four poster bed and pretty much everything else in my house is off of Craigslist or some garage sale, BUT that is not what this challenge is. Its personal this time.

So this blog is designed solely for the purpose of allowing me to show you the treasures I will find, the hardships of searching for items that I need, and to just share the experience with others of only buying used.

So here are the rules:
1. Any undergarments will be bought NEW. Hygiene is still important to me, regardless of bending the rules a bit.
2. Anything I would wear or purchase in a store, such as purses, scarves, coats, boots, jeans, tank tops - anything must and will be purchased used.
3. Giftcards do not count. I am allowed giftcards in department stores. I just can't use my own personal money to make those purchases.
4. Giftcards and gifts are TOTALLY welcome.:)

I have included a photo of my dress from lastnight cause it was a hand me down from my sister. I thought starting the new year off with my resolution was only the right thing to do.:)

I'm excited you've enjoyed me on this journey!


  1. What a fabulous idea! Good luck to you, I look forward to following your journey. I don't think I could ever do it- but maybe I'll be inspired by your finds :)

  2. Good luck anna!! I know you're going to do awesome!!! and im sure the bible study clan will be more than happy to go shopping at thrift stores with you :)

  3. Too bad you don't have a Buffalo Exchange or a Crossroads - they are SERIOUSLY awesome! Ohhh well - I guess you'll just have to come on out here to LA and do a little thrifting with me!

  4. Wow, that's awesome! I hope you can pull it off!

    - Luke

  5. hey! just found you and LOVE the idea of this whole blog. AWESOME.

  6. You should get a group of friends together and have a clothes swap party!