January 8, 2010

I take 30 minutes in the dressing room to try on one item.

And this is why.... I seriously act like I'm out in life with my garment-of-question on. It's ridiculous. And if you put a video camera in my dressing room (beyond the fact that would be way creepy, and totally illegal) you would get quite the production. I dance, talk to myself, view from all angles, lean up against the wall and just stare at myself, and as you have now seen, try on sunglasses and take pictures. IT'S TOTALLY WERID! I know! But as I have stated before, I need help. I have to be convinced to buy something I'm so stinkin' cheap. And thats my convinced/not so convinced method.
I bought this sweater, from Gap for $4 (No, its produced by Gap, I didn't get it from there). Not bad. It's not amazing, but I'm realizing I can't be super super picky. I mean seriously, I've got slim picken's here in the grand state of Oklahoma.

Disclaimer: can we talk about the fact that I kinda look like I have a belly in the above photo?? No, I'm not preggo's. I arch my back and jut my stomach out when I stand (It sounds so wonderfully lady-like and feminie when you put in on paper, doesn't it? NOT.) So yeah... that's where thats coming from. No bun-in-the-oven.
And yes... this is the same thrift store I went to the other day. Yessss... it was for the $1 Thursday. I HAD to go! I mean, who could pass that up?? Which ended up to be a complete disappointment because all the items that you're allowed to choose from are on the DISCOUNT RACK. Another term for that in the thrifting world is JUNK AND ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING RACK. So, not such luck with $1 Thursdays.
And this is me this morning. It was 5 degrees, not including the massive gusts of wind this blessed state bestows on us, so I thought a nice warm sweater would be perfect for today. It was!


  1. cutest $4 sweater ever. and anna? that is NOT a stomach of any sort, 'jutting' or otherwise! Funny!

  2. the sweater looks good in pictures, but better in person! it was so great to see you tonight!!! (by the way, does this mean you wore the sweater yesterday AND today?...if so, awwwesome!)


  4. LOVE that 1st shot of you, HOT hair & sunglasses!