January 5, 2010

I have a cheap demon sitting on my shoulder...

THEY SELL BRAS AND UNDERWEAR!!!! And here's proof. I mean, I already knew this, but seeing it in actuality is just disturbing. Especially since I am now a frequent visitor of thrift stores. Thank GOD I thought of a loop hole for that one prior to making this challenge for myself. I probably would have quit the whole year entirely.
I was pleased to see some familiar brand names as I pawed through stuff. I tried on about five things and came away with one. Not a ton of selection, but its okay, I expected this. Another problem I ran into, is that I overheard an employee talking to a customer about how every Thursday at this particular shop, they have $1 Thursdays. Anything you can fit into a shopping bag, you get for one buck. So naturally my overwhelmingly cheap demon that constantly sits on my left shoulder, in it's parental voice said, "You know what to do. Put it all back. Come back on Thursday. Why spend $10 when you can get ALL kinds of stuff for $1?" And then my reasonable, logical, frugal just not stingy, angel who sits on my right shoulder said, "Seriously? You're buying ONE SHIRT. FOR FOUR DOLLARS. Buy it. Now. And MAYBE come back on Thursday, cause there's no use buying someone else's trash when it really is trash." I bought the shirt.
Here is what I was shopping in, which is also what I wore to work today.

Here's what I bought. It's like a game!!! Find what's missing game!!! Can you see it?? My turtleneck of course!:) I purchased a Target brand, plain black light knitted sweater for a grand total of $4.32 that looks almost exactly like the one I was wearing. Which isn't too odd for me anyway. I have this horrible tendency to purchase variations of the same piece of clothing, and regularly in the same color: gray, white or black. I'm a horrible stylist.

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  1. can we be friends?! thrifting is my absolute favorite, and i'm lauging about your cheap demon. 'cause well...i have one too!!!