January 23, 2010

Ahhh J.Crew

So I found this J.Crew top - and yes, its a turtleneck. We've had this conversation before, haven't we? The one about how I own entirely way too many turtlenecks for a 25, er, 26 year old? (Just had a birthday and its the first one I don't want to talk about.) It's slightly disturbing. I am CONSTANTLY reminded of that movie with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton (love her!), what is it? Dang... what's the name of that movie??? Somethings Got To Give maybe? Anyway, Diane Keaton wears a turtleneck throughout THE ENTIRE MOVIE. And Jack is like, "Whats with the turtleneck?" In which she replies something cute and sassy which I can't remember, but ever since then I've been super self-conscious about how many turtlenecks I have and how often I wear them. I'm 26 and I already dress like a 55 year old! Anyway, I swore off turtlenecks ago, oooh about two weeks ago, and then what did I find but a lightweight J.Crew stripped turtleneck. And for $4. Can't beat it.

Although I do slightly feel like an inmate in it....

1 comment:

  1. i don't wear them, but it's because they make my neck feel claustrophobic. but if i looked that cute in them, then of course i would.

    i know the movie... no idea the title. and her turtlenecks weren't nearly that cute!