December 14, 2010

Heres the finished product of Britt's nursery! I thought I'd post pics since all of her furniture is used/Craiglist, excluding the chair, which we got from Ikea. Even the painting, paper lanterns, fan - its all either from something I already had in the house, or from a garage sale of some sort.

I LOVE how it has turned out. Simple, bright and clean looking. We haven't spent a ton of time in there since she is sleeping in a bassinet in our room right now, but I'm excited for when she officially moves in.
The mirror and dresser came from the same antique shop. I painted them both and added new hardware to the dresser if you didn't remember. I LOVE the way the mirror turned out. I love the hugeness of it and the teal color.
Her crib was off of Craigslist too if you remember from my earlier post, oh a couple months ago.:) And that is the painting I found at the same antique shop that I got the dresser and mirror.
One of my friends gave Britt these initial blocks as part of her gift and they matched her room exactly! I love them!
Hope you like it!:)

December 4, 2010

Britt Louise is here!!! She arrived Monday, November 29th at 10:58am, weighting 7 lbs, 2 ounces and was 19 inches long. She was delivered via c-section since she was a complete frank breech and just refused to turn around for us.:) But its okay... she is here is and absolutely perfect. Eric and I are so in love. I'm recovering well. We were discharged 48 hours after delivery and got to go home and settle in. She has been absolutely incredible at getting on a schedule all by herself. She is a champ at breast feeding already and is SO patient in learning the whole process. Being a mother, all 5 days that I've experienced, has been one of the best experiences of my life. I absolutely LOVE it.

I am so sorry I've been so delinquent in posting these past two months... well lets be honest, since getting pregnant. It was a difficult ride for me. Between being incredibly sick for the first 5 months, all the traveling we did over the summer and into the fall, and then I slipped a rib and have battled excruciating pain for the past 1 1/2 months, spending a TON of time and energy on trying to get her to turn since we found out she was breech at 32 weeks, I really lost motivation to blog. Somedays it was hard to just to do life. I have thought of you often and have felt guilty at times for being more diligent, but knew I needed to do what I needed to stay on top of my health and sanity. So thank you for your patience... its been much needed and much appreciated.

Love you all... thanks for sticking with me.:)

October 8, 2010

Okay so this isn't my favorite shot of me. I feel rather large in this picture, but then again, I guess I'm getting rather large these days.:) Its kinda my job at this point. And check out that every growing belly button. Oh yeeeeahh, thats sexy.:)
The shirt is a tissue thin long sleeved shirt I got from Goodwill awhile back for like $2 but its really the heels that are the amazing part of this outfit. I can't take credit for them. It was my sister that found them at a thrift store and sent them to me cause they weren't her size. But they are BCBG and TOTALLY adorable! Aren't they precious??? If my sister had a blog about all her thrift finds, you would all be reading hers instead of mine because she is a WAY better thrifter than me.
Happy weekend! We have Eric's brother, sister-in-law and their little girl coming into town from PA! I'm so excited!

September 30, 2010

I found this little tank at the Goodwill yesterday for $2. I'm running out of summer shirts that fit my belly that aren't t-shirts. So for $2, I took it. It's long and light and really comfortable.
The little ruffle in the front is cute. I layered it with another tank cause I felt like it needed something underneath and it dipped a little low with my new assets that I've been growing along with a belly.
The weather is cooling off and soon I'll see what I have in my fall waredrobe that that might fit me... hopefully it'll be feast over famine.

September 24, 2010

Here's a shirt I wouldn't have bought had it not been for my best friend Sam. Which is funny cause she's not a crazy over the top thrifter. My other best friend, Lindsay, totally is, but on this particular day, we were all thrifting together. Sam, living in L.A, knows all the designers and spotted this tank for $2, and being a C&C California brand, would have regularly been about $40.
Its cute, but not my typical gray, white or black shirt, so I felt daring in buying it. Today was the first time I wore it. It's perfect for my big belly! Long enough to wear with leggings, it was light and comfortable.
Thought I'd include a couple pictures from lastnight as I made dinner for us. Eric LOVES to snap pictures of me while I'm fiddling in the kitchen, or right when I wake up... both make me feel slightly uncomfortable until I realize I can always delete them later.:)
And this one would not be complete without me stuffing my face, a regular occurrence these days.:) Actually, this is really me just eating a deviled egg for a snack. I'm trying to eat more protein to cut out my chances of toxemia, or preeclampsia.

September 13, 2010

I bought this dress at the Salvation Army at the beginning of the summer and am just now getting around to showing it to you all.:/ Its super comfy, was only $5 and was previously from F21. Its been great in adapting to my growing gut, er, belly.:) I tend to wear flowing clothes or ones that don't show my shape and so this is a fun change to strut the preggo label.:)
I haven't been thrifting in a while and I'm starting to get frustrated with my lack of comfortable/stylish options that my closet is offering me. As sad as I am to see the summer come to a close, I'm even more sad about the fact I think I'm going to have an even harder time dressing this fall/winter.
I did just got two bags of maternity clothes from ladies at church which I'm SO grateful for. I haven't gone through them yet so I don't know if there is anything I can wear, but anything is great at this point! Only 12 weeks left to go!:)
Oh and by the way, HOW BOUT THEM REDSKINS????:)

August 20, 2010

So this is the lowdown on the nursery. Below are the nurseries that have inspired the look I'm going for (simple, white, romantic, and also neutral friendly so I can reuse things incase we have a boy in the future). And the below those pictures are the items that we've collected to use for her room. It'll be so fun when its all together!!!

This nursery is so beautiful. This was what first inspired me to do all white. I love love love the crispness and yet romantic beauty of it. Source here.
This nursery is from Life In the Fun Lane. Holly is such an inspiration to me. I absolutely love her approach to decorating and her nursery is no exception. Her little girl Wren is so lucky to have such a cute room! This room helped me see that I could do light blue as an accent color and it still be very girly.
I can't for the life of me remember where I found this one. I think I just googled white nurseries and found it somewhere out in the world wide web.:) I LOVE the huge mirror mirror and the modern crib. I wanted something more along these lines but settled with what I found on Craigslist cause I wasn't willing to spend $250-$350 on a crib.
This one, along with having a lot of white just had a lot of elements I loved. I've always loved canopies even though I don't think I'll be doing one for Britt - I don't know, maybe I'll change my mind. But I just think its so classy and I love the neutrals paired with the white. Source here.
So since I got pregnant basically, I've been trying to find a dresser on Craigslist or at a thrift store that I could use as a changing table. I don't like the look of a changing table (I'm way too picky for my own good) but you have NO idea how hard it has been to find smallish dressers that are big enough to hold a changing pad and yet wasn't too big. I finally found one that was tall, long, wide and cheap enough for me to buy.:) This cute little one was $70, more that I wanted to spend since I am going to be redoing it (it'll be white), but after looking for 5 months, I figured it was the best that I was going to get. I'm just excited have one now!!!
I found this painting at the same place I found the dresser. I instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to have it for Britt's room. The baby blue will match her bedding perfectly and for $45 for an original piece of art, I was sold. I think it might go above her crib, but I'm not sure yet.
We are going unconventional and doing an armchair as opposed to a rocker. I just couldn't find one that wasn't over $500 that I liked!!! So I've talked to a couple moms who have done this as well and I'm hoping Britt won't mind.:) I figure if we HAVE to have one, I can always buy a cheap one from a thrift store and paint it.
This is Britt's bedding. Its just white with a baby blue stripe around the border. I love it!!! And I know I can use it if we ever have a boy.:)
This is the crib we found on Craigslist - $100 and it converts into a toddler bed. I got the mattress with it to!!!
And there is a big mirror I found that we'll be hanging in her room, but I didn't take a picture so you'll just have to be surprised.

Thats all for now!!! I can't wait to show you when its all put together!!! Have a wonderful Saturday! We are clearing furniture and closet space in Britt's room so we can set up her crib and get started!!!:)

August 19, 2010

Welp folks, I've done it again. Run off and not posted for a million days. I'm truly sorry. You're never far from my heart and since getting pregnant aka puking my guys out, and getting out of the habit, its been really hard to stay on top of it!!! And I really haven't done much thrifting due to the fact that I just don't know what to buy!!! I am definitely on the up and up with the sickness though, so lets pray it stays that way.

My boobs got too big for most of my clothes prior to my belly getting in the way, which was really frustrating.:) I know I'm probably the ONLY person on the planet to say that, but I really don't mind being smaller chested and every single sundress of mine turned me into a whore, rather than a nice lady in a sundress. So. Its been a challenge finding things at thrift stores, but I will admit that its been mostly my stubbornness about not wanting to buy new clothes that I won't wear much after the pregnancy that has kept me from finding things.

As most of you probably know by now, we are having a GIRL.:) I am SO SO SO excited. I was completely convinced it was a boy but now, I'm so completely in love with having a girl that I think it would be hard to be immediately excited if she popped out a boy.:)

Her name is Britt Louise. Not Brittany or Brittanica (yes, someone has actually asked me that) - just Britt. Eric's middle name is Britt and Louise is my mom's middle name. I absolutely LOVE that she is named after her daddy and Nana.:) I wouldn't have it any other way.
On top of being a horrible thrifter/blogger, these are my first belly pictures. I really have only popped out the past couple weeks and felt like there wasn't enough to show before, but I promise to be better at all of the above. I am 24 1/2 weeks today and can't believe I have another 3 1/2 months to go but at the same time, can't believe its only 3 1/2 months before she's here!!!
I found this dress at the Goodwill the other day for $4.50. I actually think it might be a bathing suit coverup. Well, not anymore.:) Its super comfy and perfect for a growing belly. I love that it doesn't have a tie in the back. I personally don't like tiebacks - it SCREAMS maternity to me.
Overall update: met with my midwife for the first time yesterday (I just switched from a doctor to a midwife, which also switched me to a different hospital) and I LOVE her. She is exactly what I want and talking with her actually made me excited to give birth. I'm naive, I know.:) I've gained 12 lbs which is just so weird. I haven't weighed this much since my Jr. Year of college so its definitely a funny feeling.:) I am getting more and more uncomfortable sleeping - its been rough the past couple nights. I'm convinced it has more to do with our bad mattress that it does me being pregnant, but I'm sure the combination doesn't help.
Okay I think thats all for now. We are starting on Britt's room this weekend and I'm SO excited. I ordered her bedding yesterday and it got me SO excited!!!:) Love you all (for those who still read this, and thanks for your patience with me!!!:)

June 30, 2010

Goodmorning loves!!! Its Wednesday - hump day for most of you but for me, its my LAST DAY OF WORK and the day before we find out WHAT THE KID IS!!! AHHHH!!! I am beyond excited!! This week is SO fun!:) I will of COURSE post on Friday after we find out if we will be having a daughter or son. I am almost positive its a boy - but I also wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong. I mean, come on, we have a 50/50 chance.:)
Both of the items I'm wearing are thrift store finds. My absolute FAVORITE item to wear these days are these denim shorts I found at Salvation Army for $7. Yeah, a little pricey for a thrift store, but not when they're from LUCKY!!! I loooovvve them. I am wearing them as much as possible before my belly gets too big and makes me put them away.
The rugby shirt I'm wearing I got at the clothing swap I talked about a couple posts back. So it was freeeee. Its a Volcom shirt - which is just nice to have name brand stuff where the quality is a little better.
So excited about tomorrow!!! I'll keep you posted!!!

June 24, 2010

Yay for dresses and skirts ALL summer long!!! I found this skirt at the Goodwill about 2 months ago but haven't worn it yet. Because it hits mid calf and is on the flowier side, I felt like a simple tube top would go well with it. Well what do ya know but if you where a tight shirt, your belly looks bigger!!!:) I don't mind - its fun to feel healthy and pregnant!! I think The Kid (thats the official name until we find out the sex and pick a name) is finally moving enough for me to feel it!!! Its hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure its the Kid, not a gas bubble.:)
Again, sorry for the bad pics. I don't know whats up with either of my camera's, so I'm waiting for Eric to get home tomorrow so he can figure it out and fix them!! The skirt, if I'm remembering correctly was $3and is a navy blue and white strip if you can't tell what color. Its cinched on one side of the waist, so it gathers in that one area in the front on purpose.
There this itty bitty bump!!! One week till we find out if its a he or a she!! Can't wait!

June 17, 2010

Well hello my long lost loves!!! Boy have I been a horrible blogger and you have been extremely patient and gracious followers. The past couple months have been pretty difficult and discouraging. As thrilled as I am to be expecting a little one, since finding out I was pregnant, I haven't seemed to shake these no fun pregnancy symptoms. I am FINALLY, as in the past 2 weeks, feeling less nauseous and not throwing up as much. I am still SO tired and am now beginning to regularly feel weak, light headed and like I'm going to pass out. It seems to be one thing after another. It really has taken a toll on me - being sick for months is something I've never experienced before. It was definitely an adjustment to allow myself time to rest and relax, even though I was still working part time and doing college ministry. I am grateful to be feeling even the smallest bit better.:)

But here I am, well enough to say hello and post again. I really have missed you. (I apologize for the bad pictures. Neither of my cameras were working properly this morning and so the iPhone stepped in to save the day)
This dress was actually FREE. I know. Nothing is free these days. And in a round about way, it wasn't, cause I had to drop off a bunch of clothes I didn't want, so I could get bags of clothes that other people didn't want. All that to say, I got it at a clothing swap. It was a community event in which if you drop off 3 bags, you got to fill 3 bags of clothes that you wanted. It was so fun!!! I just crammed stuff in them because theres no time to try the stuff on - you just take what you think looks cute and then wait to find out if it looks cute on you when you get home.:) This dress has POCKETS. LOVE IT. Its an Old Navy dress.
I tried my hardest to show you my bump. HA! In otherwords, my LACK OF BUMP. I will be 4 months pregnant this Saturday and I have got NOTHING to show for it. I'm not complaining, but people are starting to think I've just been feigning sickness for the past 2 1/2 months. I promise its legit. I do have sonogram pictures to prove that there is a child in somewhere in there.
I am hoping to post more often now that I haven't been spending the majority of my days kneeling in front of my toilet. THANK YOU for your patience with me. I'd be super surprised if you haven't given up on me since I've been gone so long. But for those who are still here - you are precious and beautiful to me. And I can't wait to start scouring thrift stores for pregnancy clothes.:)

May 13, 2010

Well folks, I realize I have been completely MIA for the past month. And for that, I really can't apologize. It has absolutely EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I have been spending the majority of my days either beside the toilet, or in bed fast fast asleep. Being pregnant has been no easy thing here in the Miller House.:) Yes - I'm HAVING A BABY!!!!!! It has been the most wonderful and traumatic 10 weeks of my life for quite some time due to how incredibly sick I've been. It's been pretty miserable. After throwing up 7 times in one day, I caved and called the doctor for some medicine, which is helping a bit. I'm still extremely exhausted and want absolutely nothing to do with any sort of meat, but I am praying that in the upcoming weeks it will slowly subside.

And because of that, I have either done VERY little thrift store shopping or just have had no energy at all to look cute, post pictures and talk about it. My productivity has decreased tenfold, which has been pretty difficult to deal with as an over-productive busybody like myself who needs to always be doing something. Resting is NOT my forte.

Below are pictures that have NOTHING to do with this blog, except for our poor poor very well used, well loved Honda Accord was treated very badly by the tornado that hit Oklahoma this past Monday. Eric was and still is out of town for a couple weeks, and had his car with him, but this car was sitting in the driveway when hail, the size of softballs came flying from the sky. I'm not going to lie, I was CRACKING UP while it was happening. I couldn't help it!! I was standing in my neighbors garage, ready to hop into the storm shelter if needed, watching the storm with several others, when the hail came. And if you've never seen softballs and baseballs fall from the sky, ITS COMPLETELY INSANE. It was just so absurd!!!! I watched my car windows shattered, and the street lamps break and fall to the street, and these balls of ice just smash into bits as they hit the pavement. I just stood there LAUGHING at the craziness of it all. Not a normal reaction, I know, but what was I going to do??? Run across the cul-de-sac and lay on top of my windshield so it wouldn't break??? DUDE - I would have died. The next best thing was to laugh. So laugh I did.:)

And after it was all done, I ran inside to get my camera so I could document. Here are the pictures of the craziness.
I'm not promising that I'm back up in running like normal - I'm still puking and taking 3 hr naps when I get home from work, but I wanted to break my silence and share our good news (the baby) and our bad news, which will hopefully soon turn into good news (the car, which will hopefully be a new car soon).

I love you all and treasure the fact that you if you read this, you are a true follower. Thank you for being patient with me and not yelling at me to come back.;) I have missed you.

April 20, 2010

So this shirt is from the Goodwill and was $3. I love how thin and long it is. I'm wearing it with leggings cause its still chilly out in the mornings!! I can't wait for completely warm weather where dresses and skirts are the only thing that I wear. I LOVE it when its HOT.
I leave for a trip to Virginia on Thursday. I'm SO excited!!!! Two of our good friends from college are getting married and I'm SO excited for them!!! I love VA in the Spring and especially when I get to see all my JMU friends. Eric will be flying from his trip directly to VA to meet me there. I can't wait to see my mom, dad, sister and brother. I miss them all the time.
Hopefully I'll be able to show you a couple more things before I leave. I do have a dress I'm contemplating on wearing for the wedding. I bought it only cause it was $4.50 but I think I need your opinion. So maybe we'll take a poll.:)