December 14, 2010

Heres the finished product of Britt's nursery! I thought I'd post pics since all of her furniture is used/Craiglist, excluding the chair, which we got from Ikea. Even the painting, paper lanterns, fan - its all either from something I already had in the house, or from a garage sale of some sort.

I LOVE how it has turned out. Simple, bright and clean looking. We haven't spent a ton of time in there since she is sleeping in a bassinet in our room right now, but I'm excited for when she officially moves in.
The mirror and dresser came from the same antique shop. I painted them both and added new hardware to the dresser if you didn't remember. I LOVE the way the mirror turned out. I love the hugeness of it and the teal color.
Her crib was off of Craigslist too if you remember from my earlier post, oh a couple months ago.:) And that is the painting I found at the same antique shop that I got the dresser and mirror.
One of my friends gave Britt these initial blocks as part of her gift and they matched her room exactly! I love them!
Hope you like it!:)


  1. OMG! It turned out amazing! Congratulations!!
    wishing you a fabulous 2011!!

  2. Light and bright styling and smart shopping....I just keep imagining your baby standing in the crib ( not right away, I know) and realigning that painting on the wall...