March 2, 2011

Ok. Its been awhile. AGAIN. And I can't promise it won't be another 2 months before I post again but I thought for those that are still willing to read a rarely posted on blog, would be interested in seeing the shoes I have scored at the thrift stores the past couple months. Even though I'm not doing only used this year, I have NOT stopped thrifting. I just don't go as often. An infant really does slow things down.:)
But here are some of my favorites - which I can't take credit for. My sister, who is a half size bigger than me, and WAY better at thrifting than I am, got me these for $5 at a Goodwill. I buy her shoes if I find a pair that are a tad too big and she does the same for me when they are a tad too small. So I scored a pair of BCBG shoes - which you've seen here for those who remember. I LOVE the peep toe and the stencil cut out flowers. They are SO springy and fun.
These I found for $3 at a Goodwill and they are Ninewest and barely look used! I love the slightly higher than kitten heel and snakeskin pattern. On top of looking good and being way cheap - they are super comfortable.
I just got these 2 weeks ago and have already worn them twice. And I don't get dressed up much these days so that's saying something. They are neutral enough to go with almost any outfit.
These were $5 and are a Target brand - also found at the Goodwill. They are great cause of the tan/neutral nude color that will look great with TONS of things. And they are kitten heel and great when paired with dark skinny jeans and a flowy top. I love them.:)

Jessica Simpson shoes for $3 at a Salvation Army in Virginia. I actually have had these for almost a year now and haven't worn them. I blame that on being pregnant through the summer though.
The coloring in these pictures didn't turn out super great - they are a deep pink. Super fun, I'm just not a big pink person so on top of carrying 30 extra pounds on my belly, it was hard finding an outfit they would go with this past summer. Hopefully I'll have better luck with them this upcoming season.
Another find by my amazing sister (I told you she's a better thrifter than me) These black leather boots, MADE IN ITALY. No joke. I think she said they were $9. Score! I LOVE them. I didn't own a pair of black boots until now so they were a perfect addition to my already massive boot collection. Rachel was so sweet to give them to me.I love the shiny black, buckles, low heels and slightly pointy toes. All around a serious steal.
I googled Charles David Roberta boots and they seem to range between $75-$100. Nice!
These I spent the most on - $20 at Salvation Army. Ouch. But I knew if I wanted a nice pair of boots, I'd pay that in stores and I needed a brown pair. These are Brazilian brown leather and I wear them ALL the time.
They are really comfortable and were perfect with almost every outfit. I don't regret spending $20 on them, although they are probably the most expensive used clothing item I've ever bought.
These were shoes that I found that were too big for me so I bought them for Rachel. They were from Bass and looked brand new. $3, can't beat it.
So clearly, it pays to shoe shop at thrift stores. There are plenty of days I leave with nothing, but overall, I've gotten some really good finds.:)


  1. Wow! Totally jealous! Those are *amazing* finds!

  2. Hi Anna! Good to see you posting again. :) I am totally inspired to go thrifting now - I can't believe your finds!

  3. Welcome back to my blogroll!! :) Stinkin LA and our "thrift stores" that cost just as much as boutiques. Can't wait to visit again and get some real deals in OK city!

  4. Nice to see a blog post again! Sending you *hugs* and missing you lots!