July 6, 2011

Well I'm pretty sure this will come as no surprise to anyone, but its time to say adios. Your Trash, My Treasure has been a lot of fun and I've really enjoyed those that I've gotten to "know" in this blogging world because of it. Since having Britt and the fact that I no longer exclusively thrift for clothes, this has made posts scarce for the past year. I would try to keep the fun alive if it weren't for one reason that continues to pester my heart. And that is the matter of time. I have only so much of it and to be perfectly honest, I don't want to be on the internet any more than I have to be. I am always wanting to find more ways to invest wisely with my time, whether spending time with Jesus, with my family, or with my sweet precious college girls and blogging is just no longer a priority. SO - that being said, I love you all and have had a ton of fun peeking into your lives. Thanks for being supportive as I tried to be thrifty. I still am - I spend more time in a Goodwill than I do any other store!:) If you want to catch up on more of my personal life, you are more than welcome to stop in at Miller Time. Thanks and adios!!!

June 14, 2011

Here are a few items I picked up from the Goodwill the other day. This little pail was $3 and matched my bathroom perfectly. I love the light teal inside and the Le Bain saying on the front, which means The Bath in French.:) Super cute and perfect for a wastebasket.
I found this little guy for $3 and it went perfectly with my mercury glass and glass candlestick theme that is going on on top of my mantle at the moment. These suckers can run pretty pricey in the department stores but I've been able to find all my candlesticks at thrift stores and have saved a ton of money. It just takes longer to get your collection going.:)
THis little dude though was my FAVORITE find of the whole trip. I loooove coral but its SO expensive!! This would probably cost $20 plus at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. And i got it for $1.80. Boom.

March 31, 2011

So I found this little number a couple months back - when I was way preggos actually. It was so hard thrifting for a body I didn't have, aka no watermelon strapped to my front, but I thought this was an interesting piece and even though I wasn't quite sure what it would look like on (since I didn't/couldn't try it on), I bought it anyway. I think it was $4.
It has drawstring sides and its a bubble dress that can be adjusted according to how long/short I want it to be. Super comfy too.
I wore it the other day with this sweater. Oklahoma is in the bipolar stage of weather, but then again, when is it not, and so that means I have to layer.
Just got back from LA and super excited to show you what I scored there at the local thrift stores!

March 10, 2011

I hit the JACKPOT at the Goodwill yesterday. It was one of those days that I left thinking, "What if I hadn't gone??? I would have missed SO much!!!" Yeah yeah, I know. I wouldn't have known what I had missed if I hadn't gone, but still... it was a good feeling.

Ok, lets start with the first item that is probably only exciting to me. And lets make a long story short and just say that I've been wanting one of these, because I decided about 4 weeks ago that I wanted a place for my recycling in my kitchen and the only place I knew to put it, was under my sink - where my trash was. So, I debated, but decided to that I could move the trash out from under the sink and get one of these thingys. Little did I know, that they run at least $45 and up. LAME. So guess what I found? A beautiful stainless steel one for $22. It had a dent in the side, which I promptly popped out and it looks and works perfectly.
Ok, this little silver cup was $1. And there were three. I bought some at the Goodwill about a year ago - 5 of them, got them home and realized they leak, (during this party) These are sealed through and through and for $1 each, I couldn't pass up their shiny beautiful selves. I think they are cute for holding flowers or a bunch of pens.
This little seashell pillow was $3. One of the shell buttons were broken, which I super glued and you wouldn't know the difference. I thought it would look perfect on our bed.
Which is does.:)
Isn't it cute??? I thought it deserved three pictures.:)
Remember this guy? From here?
Well a couple weeks ago I found this sucker - for $5. It's an original. And super cute. And has teal and blue - perfect for Britt's room.
I put it here because I wasn't sure where else it would go.
Well then I found this. FOR $10!!!! It's this cute little villa ocean scene, with again, teal and blues and I knew it was meant for Britt's room in an instant.
I wish the colors popped out more in the photo - cause they are so bright and cheery.
Well I think I'm going to put all three above the crib. We moved the crib down a little which made our hanging of the one painting off-center. So now I have the other two to fill it in! Super excited to have 3 original paintings all for the grand total of $55.
And last but not least, is this wreath. I had seen it at Target, for $40. Yeah, not gonna happen. But for $15, I'll totally buy it. There were some slightly bare spots where some had chipped off, but overall you couldn't tell.
I think it looks so fresh and springy on the front door!!

March 2, 2011

Ok. Its been awhile. AGAIN. And I can't promise it won't be another 2 months before I post again but I thought for those that are still willing to read a rarely posted on blog, would be interested in seeing the shoes I have scored at the thrift stores the past couple months. Even though I'm not doing only used this year, I have NOT stopped thrifting. I just don't go as often. An infant really does slow things down.:)
But here are some of my favorites - which I can't take credit for. My sister, who is a half size bigger than me, and WAY better at thrifting than I am, got me these for $5 at a Goodwill. I buy her shoes if I find a pair that are a tad too big and she does the same for me when they are a tad too small. So I scored a pair of BCBG shoes - which you've seen here for those who remember. I LOVE the peep toe and the stencil cut out flowers. They are SO springy and fun.
These I found for $3 at a Goodwill and they are Ninewest and barely look used! I love the slightly higher than kitten heel and snakeskin pattern. On top of looking good and being way cheap - they are super comfortable.
I just got these 2 weeks ago and have already worn them twice. And I don't get dressed up much these days so that's saying something. They are neutral enough to go with almost any outfit.
These were $5 and are a Target brand - also found at the Goodwill. They are great cause of the tan/neutral nude color that will look great with TONS of things. And they are kitten heel and great when paired with dark skinny jeans and a flowy top. I love them.:)

Jessica Simpson shoes for $3 at a Salvation Army in Virginia. I actually have had these for almost a year now and haven't worn them. I blame that on being pregnant through the summer though.
The coloring in these pictures didn't turn out super great - they are a deep pink. Super fun, I'm just not a big pink person so on top of carrying 30 extra pounds on my belly, it was hard finding an outfit they would go with this past summer. Hopefully I'll have better luck with them this upcoming season.
Another find by my amazing sister (I told you she's a better thrifter than me) These black leather boots, MADE IN ITALY. No joke. I think she said they were $9. Score! I LOVE them. I didn't own a pair of black boots until now so they were a perfect addition to my already massive boot collection. Rachel was so sweet to give them to me.I love the shiny black, buckles, low heels and slightly pointy toes. All around a serious steal.
I googled Charles David Roberta boots and they seem to range between $75-$100. Nice!
These I spent the most on - $20 at Salvation Army. Ouch. But I knew if I wanted a nice pair of boots, I'd pay that in stores and I needed a brown pair. These are Brazilian brown leather and I wear them ALL the time.
They are really comfortable and were perfect with almost every outfit. I don't regret spending $20 on them, although they are probably the most expensive used clothing item I've ever bought.
These were shoes that I found that were too big for me so I bought them for Rachel. They were from Bass and looked brand new. $3, can't beat it.
So clearly, it pays to shoe shop at thrift stores. There are plenty of days I leave with nothing, but overall, I've gotten some really good finds.:)