February 15, 2010

So its not my favorite. But it was $3. And warm. And pink. And I wanted to save my F21 gift card for something I wanted, rather than needed, cause giftcards are PRECIOUS these days. The Pink Party was a success though and you can read about it here. I paired my pink cardigan with my pink peep toe flats that I bought in L.A. 2 years ago when I was amiably walking to a bagel shop for breakfast and my sandal decided to SNAP right in two and therefore I was left with one sandal and one bare foot, walking on LA's sidewalks. It was gross. Thankfully, there happened to be a TJMaxx directly across the street from the bagel shop. What was even more ironic was the No Shoes, No Entry policy that was plastered on the stores doorfront with a cop sitting right inside making sure we were all dressed properly. Upon entering, he promptly told me I needed a shoe. All I did was hold up my broken sandal and say, "I know. I need a shoe." He let me in. And I walked out with these cuties.

Pink cakeballs, pink roses and pink daises. It was lovely! Even for someone who isn't in love with pink.


  1. Not a bad find! I love cardigans!

  2. sweater's cute, but the shoes are the real star! what a fantastic-looking table spread, too.

  3. The good thing is you can always re-donate! Pretty Party!