February 11, 2010

I need something PINK!!! This Sunday, for Valentines Day, I am hosting a Pink Party. There's only one rule - everyone is to come dressed in pink. Which will be especially fun for me since Husband HATES wearing pink. He lived in a house with 12 other guys in college and they used to have these dance parties. They would all somehow coordinate their outfits for every party, and at one point, it was the "Super Prep" outfit party, where they all adorned pink polo shirts, complete with the popped collar, khaki cargo shorts and Rainbow flip flops. He bought his shirt at Goodwill and promptly threw it away the minute the party was over. I haven't seen him in pink since. And that was in 2003.

Its now 2010 and now its me that has a problem with pink. I don't own a single item of clothing that is pink. NOTHING in my closet is pink. I'm not opposed to it - I just don't buy it! I told ya, I'm a white, black and gray girl!

I have been to 3 different thrift stores, and have scoured their pink collections. Let me tell you - its bad. Hideous. I'm getting worried that I might have to go to Target and spend the remainder $8.48 on my gift card to purchase a pink t-shirt that I probably throw away the minute the party is over. Man, Husband and I are more alike than I thought...

So, I got online to get inspired. And to also just make myself feel better cause online shopping, even if you don't buy anything, always makes me feel a little better. Here is what I would purchase if I could.
Ahhhhh, LOVE that skirt! Its so precious!

Reminds me of my New Years Eve dress doesn't it? I don't love it as a shirt, but I would wear that before anything that I've seen at the Goodwill.


  1. Love your blog! Light pink goes with grey very nicely and is just feminine enough. You can see my treasure finds every tuesday http://www.rachelmonks.blogspot.com/

  2. oh I have a Jcrew gift card and some of those beauties are on my list to spend it on! and I have being wanted to pull the trigger on the second urban top you posted for a while now.. How can you tease yourself like that!// ahhh!

  3. yeah, to be honest, I don't know what I was thinking hahaha. its kinda brutal.