February 10, 2010

We been nominated!!! Amber, from Ambers Notebook, was SO gracious today to nominate Your Trash, My Treasure as an inspiring beautiful blog. It made my day!!! This is such a brand new blog and journey that I'm on and I am so touched that there are people out there that love reading about this adventure! Its a joy to me as I treasure hunt, because I feel like I'm bringing back little treasures to show you all. It makes this process SO much more fun and definitely more worth it. Amber just has super cute outfits, flowers for every week and is so easy to connect with even though you've never met her! She shares her style with you and if you're a F21 and Urban Outfitters girl like me, you will love and be inspired by her ideas about how to wear, shop and look for new hot trends. Check her out!

And I just snuck this in, a day late, but I was suppose to write 7 random facts about myself... still getting used to this whole blogging world.:) So here we go.
1. My legs are so short that when I sit on a handicap toilet, they don't touch the ground.
2. My husband was my first and only boyfriend. And we never broke up. Kinda crazy, but I love it.:)
3. I love love love the cookie of an Oreo. And hate hate hate the icing. I scrape it off and throw it away.
4. My first baby doll was African American. I picked her out myself.
5. I try to, as often as I can, wear a shirt to bed and then incorporate it into my outfit the next day. It makes me feel like I never got out of bed in a small way.
6. I planned my wedding, for 200 guests, in 6 weeks.
7. Its not really random cause its kinda my whole life, but I love Jesus a whole lot.

If you want more random facts, you can visit 25 random things about me.:)

I want to pass on the Beautiful Blogger award to these blogs. They are so fun to read and make my day a brighter place.

You are all such a joy to me! Have a wonderful night!


  1. omg anna!! You are so sweet! I don't know how long you have been following my blog but I a SO glad the giveaway brought you out of the wood work =)

    I look forward to see seeing where the year takes you =)

  2. Thank you!!

    Love your style, your so cute! Come dress me!

  3. Aww thanks :)i think i am going to make my own poetry blog so it can have it's own place. thank you for your inspiration - i love this blog. and you of course.

  4. Thanks Anna :) This made my day! I love BOTH of your blogs too!!