February 26, 2010

I am SO giddy and just about to jump around the room right now cause I just got back from the Goodwill and have a MILLION things to show you!!! Not all clothes, but I did pick up two adorable shirts that I'll hopefully share with you later on this weekend.

But first, I want to share two thrift store items that were SENT TO ME!!! One item was from my sister, who is probably the BEST thrift store shopper ever. Seriously, if she had a blog, you'd read hers instead of mine. And the second item was from my wonderful friend Holly, who is pretty much the best gift giver EVER. I'm really not exaggerating. I have received the most thoughtful gifts from her through out the years, and this is just an example of her amazing ability to find items that she knows you will love.

This is from Rachel. It is brand new - still has the Old Navy tags on it. I wasn't a regular Old Navy shopper prior to this extravaganza but I think this is super cute! I love it.:)
I love the little pinstripes. Its a grayish/purple hue paired with a cream. LOVE IT.
This is from Holly. The fit PERFECT. They are also brand new - still had the tags on them, from Gap. Skinny cropped pants and they are so so precious. I can totally see myself wearing this all the time in the Spring.
Thank you Holly and Rachel - you are the BEST!:)

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  1. That blazer is fantastic! Good find (of course).