February 27, 2010

We went out to one of my favorite pizza places tonight with some friends of ours. I found this thin baggy sweater the other day at Goodwill for $3 and couldn't resist its baggy comfy goodness. I wore it with some skinnies to balance it out and a pair of snake skin flats to jazz it up. Being 5'2" and 105 lbs lends itself to getting easily overwhelmed by clothing and during the winter, I have a hard time wear heels unless they are boots. I think I see myself wearing this quite a bit. I have a tendency to buy baggier over fitted. I think its the boho in me calling out.:) This was definitely a good $3 buy.
Ok. So, I'm about to get real with you. Like, really real. What I'm about to tell you is my ultimate LOW of treasure hunting. I have never done something this... low before. I really can't come up with a better word for it. It was bad, and the bigger problem, you might ask? I'M PROUD OF IT. Yeah. You'll see what I mean, but I definitely will need to know if I'm the worst person in the world or if I have some what of a reason to be proud of my conniving ways.

So heres what happens. I go to Goodwill yesterday, where I got a lot of fun stuff, which I'll show you later, but I bump into this absolutely ADORABLE antique desk, with no real comestic damage, just needs a paint job and some wood filler. For $35!!! And then I notice right next to it, this absolutely precious wooden high chair. Look - isn't it SO CUTE?? It needs a paint job too, but it is so cute!
And thats $15!!! So I tell myself, " Self, you don't need both. Just get the highchair. Its $20 cheaper and even though you don't have a baby, aren't pregnant, you should clearly buy the highchair." COMPLETE logic, right? Ugh. So I do. I buy the high chair. And I'm glad I did. Cause its cute. And hopefully one day I'll have a cute little kid to put in my cute little high chair.

Anyway, I leave Goodwill, drive the 15 minutes to get to the gym on base, get on the elliptical and get my work out on. I had gone exactly 1.29 miles when it dawns on me. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING??? If I had seen that little antique desk for $35 on Craigslist I'd be all over it like white on rice - so WHY in the WORLD did I not buy it??? It took me about 0.04 of a mile to figure out I was an idiot and I hopped off, ran out the door and jumped into my car. If you've ever driven on a base before, you will know the EXCRUCIATING slow speed limits you are forced to abide by. And they'll getcha if you're just a couple over too. Anyway, I make it out of base and floor up Air Depot Road, praying, no PLEADING with God to let it still be there. I have my seatbelt unbuckled and I fly into Goodwill the second I pull into the parking lot - run to the back of the store and come to a halt. There is a lady, WITH A CHILD, (I not only wronged another human being but I wronged a child as well) standing in front of MY DESK. I immediately duck into the book sections and make it look like I'm the most interested person in children's books there ever was, the entire time staring her down. And then I watch her, as she proceeds to then get on her cellphone and hear her say, "Yeah, its really cute. All wood.... Do you want me to wait here and you can come look at it?" I'm assuming she's talking to her husband and I start to panic. Desperation overwhelms me. And then I do it.

I go to the front of the store - AND I BUY THE DESK!!!! Right out from under her nose!!!! The cashier lady already knew me from my multiple purchases the 1/2 hr prior, knew I had a discount card and knew exactly what desk I wanted when I told her I wanted to buy the $35 desk in the back. So she rang me up right there and printed me off a SOLD sign, gave it to me and told me to go put it on the piece. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I am a horrible horrible person.

I proceed to walk back and she's still on the phone. I bend down next to the desk and whisper, "Excuse me" and she turns around to see me putting it on. And then she says into the phone, "Oh, welp, nevermind - its sold." And then I go on to APOLOGIZE to her. Not only do I steal from people but I LIE as well. I wasn't sorry!! I was ecstatic!!!

And here is my prize. Isn't she so precious? Do you see why I don't feel bad? I know the exact spot I want to put her in our home.
So that is my story. I hope you don't hate me and quit reading.:) I will have some fun finds for you later!

February 26, 2010

I am SO giddy and just about to jump around the room right now cause I just got back from the Goodwill and have a MILLION things to show you!!! Not all clothes, but I did pick up two adorable shirts that I'll hopefully share with you later on this weekend.

But first, I want to share two thrift store items that were SENT TO ME!!! One item was from my sister, who is probably the BEST thrift store shopper ever. Seriously, if she had a blog, you'd read hers instead of mine. And the second item was from my wonderful friend Holly, who is pretty much the best gift giver EVER. I'm really not exaggerating. I have received the most thoughtful gifts from her through out the years, and this is just an example of her amazing ability to find items that she knows you will love.

This is from Rachel. It is brand new - still has the Old Navy tags on it. I wasn't a regular Old Navy shopper prior to this extravaganza but I think this is super cute! I love it.:)
I love the little pinstripes. Its a grayish/purple hue paired with a cream. LOVE IT.
This is from Holly. The fit PERFECT. They are also brand new - still had the tags on them, from Gap. Skinny cropped pants and they are so so precious. I can totally see myself wearing this all the time in the Spring.
Thank you Holly and Rachel - you are the BEST!:)

February 24, 2010

I found this little beauty the same day as the dress below. It was a good day. Except for the fact that I also donated some items to the Goodwill when I was there to shop and my $15 camelback water bottle was in the bag. I loved that water bottle. And $15 is EXPENSIVE in my book, especially for a water bottle.

But, the clothes I scored were almost worth it.:)

February 22, 2010

Isn't this SO pretty??? I found this yesterday for $5 at my favorite Goodwill. Well, it was $4.50 for me cause I have a discount card which gets me 10% on each item I buy. Yeah yeah, I have a discount card at Goodwill, laugh it up. BUT ITS THE ONLY PLACE I SHOP!!!! So there.:)

I could totally wear this to a summer wedding - which I have a couple of this year. The outer shell of the dress is this flowing thin material that overlays a navy blue lining. Its super comfy and really light. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Well this isn't really a furniture/home improvment blog, but is about finding treasures that have been used, worn, and then cast aside by others, and resurrected by me.:) So I thought I'd share with you some of the pieces of furniture I've done over. As most of you know, my ENTIRE house is full of Craigslist, thrift store and garage sales (can't wait for the Spring for them to start up!) - I even bought my car off of Craigslist. Our new Pottery Barn sofa that we are waiting to be delivered is the only new piece of furniture that we will own.

Well, I've always tried to spruce up whatever I've bought in some way, but I have been completely inspired by Holly, over at In The Fun Lane. I swear I'm her twin that was lost at birth. No, unfortunately, we look NOTHING alike - she's BEAUTIFUL. BUT - she has a love for old furniture, great deals and WHITE. Her home is so so beautiful. Seriously, you will be SO inspired by her style and completely convinced that white is absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, I've been wanting to redo pieces and sell them for sometime and she was the final clincher. I have learned so much from her!

So, a couple weeks ago, I started working on a dresser that I use as a buffet table in our living room. I loved it but I needed to repaint it as it had a bunch of scrapes and nicks. It used to be natural wood grain and I painted it bright white right when I got it off of Craigslist and then this time around, I used a creamy white/ivory. I sold it to the nicest lady who is expecting TWINS this passed weekend who was looking for a dresser for her nursery. I LOVED that it went into a nursery. So here are photos of the dresser and nesting table that I sold this weekend.

And then I found this little cutie at a consignment shop a couple weeks ago, which I primed, painted and went at it with some sandpaper and voile!



Can't wait to show you more - I have several pieces in the garage I can't wait to start on!!:)

February 18, 2010

So I haven't bought any of these recently. But they are all thrift store finds. Except the boots. But they're old. And cheap. But I love them. Obviously cause I'm wearing them in ALL of my shots it seems.

The gray skinny jeans are some of my fav. I wear them often. They were actually found in a thrift store in L.A. while I was visiting my sister there last year. They were boot cut, and I had them tailored to skinny, cause I'm a skinny girl all the way. Not in the never-gain-weight-kind-of-way. Cause you should do that from time to time. Especially if you're preggos. Which I'm not.

Okkkaaaay, moving right along. The tank and sweater are from here, in Oklahoma. The sweater is actually a L, which I love cause I love loose fitting light sweaters. They're just so perfect.

And there's Husband in the background. On the phone with Delta, trying to figure out why his itinerary was showing completely different flights than what he booked. Never a good thing. Please don't comment on the fact that he's completely bald. He isn't. Well, almost. But he shaves it all off every couple days and I love it. And he's just a TEENY bit sensitive about it.:)

Ta-ta for now!

February 17, 2010

I'm SO excited!!! I went to two different thrift stores during my lunch break today (this is getting so out of hand, its just SO FUN!) and started to worry that the shirts that I wanted yesterday, wouldn't be there when I went back after work. Especially after seeing Ambers shirt here, I reeeeeally wanted to get the shirt below. And I did!!!! Its so light and breezy, I love it!
I almost didn't buy this even though I was going to yesterday, but then I was convinced myself since it was only $2 instead of $4. Its comfy, long and gray. Perfect.:)
I tucked in the shirt to show you the leather belt I scored for $1.5o. Its so great! A natural camel color and has these really fun gold buckles, which you can see on the pic below.
I love 1/2 off day!!! I have other treasures I found that were clothing, that hopefully I'll show you tomorrow.

February 16, 2010

I would have had something to show you today if I hadn't gotten greedy. I was in line, ready to check out at a local thrift store, when the lady told me that tomorrow is 1/2 off day. Yep, back on the rack they went. Why spend $7 when you can spend $3.50?? So tomorrow lovelies, I will show you my two shirts that I (hopefully) will buy for a complete steal.

I warned you at the beginning I needed help.:)

February 15, 2010

So its not my favorite. But it was $3. And warm. And pink. And I wanted to save my F21 gift card for something I wanted, rather than needed, cause giftcards are PRECIOUS these days. The Pink Party was a success though and you can read about it here. I paired my pink cardigan with my pink peep toe flats that I bought in L.A. 2 years ago when I was amiably walking to a bagel shop for breakfast and my sandal decided to SNAP right in two and therefore I was left with one sandal and one bare foot, walking on LA's sidewalks. It was gross. Thankfully, there happened to be a TJMaxx directly across the street from the bagel shop. What was even more ironic was the No Shoes, No Entry policy that was plastered on the stores doorfront with a cop sitting right inside making sure we were all dressed properly. Upon entering, he promptly told me I needed a shoe. All I did was hold up my broken sandal and say, "I know. I need a shoe." He let me in. And I walked out with these cuties.

Pink cakeballs, pink roses and pink daises. It was lovely! Even for someone who isn't in love with pink.

February 12, 2010

The sweater is from a thrift store, but I got that a couple years ago. Whats on display today is the tank that has this fun graphic. I haven't even take the time to figure out what it actually says. Hopefully it's nothing vulgar. I got the tank at Goodwill for $2 and love it cause its really really long. The back is pretty cool too.

I tried to give you an idea of what the back looks like. I'm a sucker for racer back tank tops, so I was excited when I found this. Do you know how extremely awkward and difficult it is to take a picture of your back by yourself?? Its not easy, I'm telling ya. On a side note, dang I'm pale.

Still no luck on finding something pink. I'm hitting up a consignment shop today, so I'll let you know if I find something.:)

February 11, 2010

Can we please talk for a second about how absolutely amazing my Biblestudy girls are??? They read my blog and what did they get me for a late birthday present, but a FOREVER21 GIFTCARD!!!!! I'm SO excited! I am going to try one more thrift store to find something pink before caving into F21, because really thats what this journey is all about. Needing an item and actually seeing if I am capable of finding, or if the thrift store is capable of providing, something that I actually NEED. So, I'm not giving up YET, I just wanted to give a shoutout to my girls for looking out for me.:) Love you!!!
I need something PINK!!! This Sunday, for Valentines Day, I am hosting a Pink Party. There's only one rule - everyone is to come dressed in pink. Which will be especially fun for me since Husband HATES wearing pink. He lived in a house with 12 other guys in college and they used to have these dance parties. They would all somehow coordinate their outfits for every party, and at one point, it was the "Super Prep" outfit party, where they all adorned pink polo shirts, complete with the popped collar, khaki cargo shorts and Rainbow flip flops. He bought his shirt at Goodwill and promptly threw it away the minute the party was over. I haven't seen him in pink since. And that was in 2003.

Its now 2010 and now its me that has a problem with pink. I don't own a single item of clothing that is pink. NOTHING in my closet is pink. I'm not opposed to it - I just don't buy it! I told ya, I'm a white, black and gray girl!

I have been to 3 different thrift stores, and have scoured their pink collections. Let me tell you - its bad. Hideous. I'm getting worried that I might have to go to Target and spend the remainder $8.48 on my gift card to purchase a pink t-shirt that I probably throw away the minute the party is over. Man, Husband and I are more alike than I thought...

So, I got online to get inspired. And to also just make myself feel better cause online shopping, even if you don't buy anything, always makes me feel a little better. Here is what I would purchase if I could.
Ahhhhh, LOVE that skirt! Its so precious!

Reminds me of my New Years Eve dress doesn't it? I don't love it as a shirt, but I would wear that before anything that I've seen at the Goodwill.

February 10, 2010

We been nominated!!! Amber, from Ambers Notebook, was SO gracious today to nominate Your Trash, My Treasure as an inspiring beautiful blog. It made my day!!! This is such a brand new blog and journey that I'm on and I am so touched that there are people out there that love reading about this adventure! Its a joy to me as I treasure hunt, because I feel like I'm bringing back little treasures to show you all. It makes this process SO much more fun and definitely more worth it. Amber just has super cute outfits, flowers for every week and is so easy to connect with even though you've never met her! She shares her style with you and if you're a F21 and Urban Outfitters girl like me, you will love and be inspired by her ideas about how to wear, shop and look for new hot trends. Check her out!

And I just snuck this in, a day late, but I was suppose to write 7 random facts about myself... still getting used to this whole blogging world.:) So here we go.
1. My legs are so short that when I sit on a handicap toilet, they don't touch the ground.
2. My husband was my first and only boyfriend. And we never broke up. Kinda crazy, but I love it.:)
3. I love love love the cookie of an Oreo. And hate hate hate the icing. I scrape it off and throw it away.
4. My first baby doll was African American. I picked her out myself.
5. I try to, as often as I can, wear a shirt to bed and then incorporate it into my outfit the next day. It makes me feel like I never got out of bed in a small way.
6. I planned my wedding, for 200 guests, in 6 weeks.
7. Its not really random cause its kinda my whole life, but I love Jesus a whole lot.

If you want more random facts, you can visit 25 random things about me.:)

I want to pass on the Beautiful Blogger award to these blogs. They are so fun to read and make my day a brighter place.

You are all such a joy to me! Have a wonderful night!

February 8, 2010

Sorry its been a while friends! Life has been a little busy and I haven't had the time to go treasure hunting. I've been actually doing a lot of it, but for our house instead. We just decided to NOT move to Norman, therefore, I can actually DO all the things I've been wanting to to our house. We just bought a new sofa, I'm SO excited about it!!!

But today, I did find time to go to the Goodwill. And I found this dress. SO awesome. Considering the fact that I coveted this dress at Target all last summer. I think my little sister has it too. (We own about 6 of the same dresses from Target. Thats the only reason I can think of as to why its good we don't live in the same state.) But this dress was 5 buckaroos, rather than the $25 it was in the stores. Goodwill comes through again.:) Sorry for all the construction in the background. I have been painting pretty much everything in my house for the past 2 weeks. Its great fun!:)

February 2, 2010

My very own piece of NEW clothing. Don't worry - I used a giftcard! I wouldn't give up that easily! Let my 4 followers down? Never!:) No but seriously. I wouldn't.

My sister gave me a $15 Target giftcard and I used $6.52 of it on this sweater. It was just too perfect to pass up. I could see myself wearing it with everything. I'm really trying to save all gift cards for the summer because my real weakness is summer dresses. I can't stay away from them no matter how hard I try. Its ridiculous. But alas, the lightweight drapey sweater won out. Hopefully I'll get another giftcard before summer rolls around to buy at least one dress. Whats the one article of clothing or accessory that you just can't seem to get enough of?