June 30, 2010

Goodmorning loves!!! Its Wednesday - hump day for most of you but for me, its my LAST DAY OF WORK and the day before we find out WHAT THE KID IS!!! AHHHH!!! I am beyond excited!! This week is SO fun!:) I will of COURSE post on Friday after we find out if we will be having a daughter or son. I am almost positive its a boy - but I also wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong. I mean, come on, we have a 50/50 chance.:)
Both of the items I'm wearing are thrift store finds. My absolute FAVORITE item to wear these days are these denim shorts I found at Salvation Army for $7. Yeah, a little pricey for a thrift store, but not when they're from LUCKY!!! I loooovvve them. I am wearing them as much as possible before my belly gets too big and makes me put them away.
The rugby shirt I'm wearing I got at the clothing swap I talked about a couple posts back. So it was freeeee. Its a Volcom shirt - which is just nice to have name brand stuff where the quality is a little better.
So excited about tomorrow!!! I'll keep you posted!!!

June 24, 2010

Yay for dresses and skirts ALL summer long!!! I found this skirt at the Goodwill about 2 months ago but haven't worn it yet. Because it hits mid calf and is on the flowier side, I felt like a simple tube top would go well with it. Well what do ya know but if you where a tight shirt, your belly looks bigger!!!:) I don't mind - its fun to feel healthy and pregnant!! I think The Kid (thats the official name until we find out the sex and pick a name) is finally moving enough for me to feel it!!! Its hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure its the Kid, not a gas bubble.:)
Again, sorry for the bad pics. I don't know whats up with either of my camera's, so I'm waiting for Eric to get home tomorrow so he can figure it out and fix them!! The skirt, if I'm remembering correctly was $3and is a navy blue and white strip if you can't tell what color. Its cinched on one side of the waist, so it gathers in that one area in the front on purpose.
There this itty bitty bump!!! One week till we find out if its a he or a she!! Can't wait!

June 17, 2010

Well hello my long lost loves!!! Boy have I been a horrible blogger and you have been extremely patient and gracious followers. The past couple months have been pretty difficult and discouraging. As thrilled as I am to be expecting a little one, since finding out I was pregnant, I haven't seemed to shake these no fun pregnancy symptoms. I am FINALLY, as in the past 2 weeks, feeling less nauseous and not throwing up as much. I am still SO tired and am now beginning to regularly feel weak, light headed and like I'm going to pass out. It seems to be one thing after another. It really has taken a toll on me - being sick for months is something I've never experienced before. It was definitely an adjustment to allow myself time to rest and relax, even though I was still working part time and doing college ministry. I am grateful to be feeling even the smallest bit better.:)

But here I am, well enough to say hello and post again. I really have missed you. (I apologize for the bad pictures. Neither of my cameras were working properly this morning and so the iPhone stepped in to save the day)
This dress was actually FREE. I know. Nothing is free these days. And in a round about way, it wasn't, cause I had to drop off a bunch of clothes I didn't want, so I could get bags of clothes that other people didn't want. All that to say, I got it at a clothing swap. It was a community event in which if you drop off 3 bags, you got to fill 3 bags of clothes that you wanted. It was so fun!!! I just crammed stuff in them because theres no time to try the stuff on - you just take what you think looks cute and then wait to find out if it looks cute on you when you get home.:) This dress has POCKETS. LOVE IT. Its an Old Navy dress.
I tried my hardest to show you my bump. HA! In otherwords, my LACK OF BUMP. I will be 4 months pregnant this Saturday and I have got NOTHING to show for it. I'm not complaining, but people are starting to think I've just been feigning sickness for the past 2 1/2 months. I promise its legit. I do have sonogram pictures to prove that there is a child in somewhere in there.
I am hoping to post more often now that I haven't been spending the majority of my days kneeling in front of my toilet. THANK YOU for your patience with me. I'd be super surprised if you haven't given up on me since I've been gone so long. But for those who are still here - you are precious and beautiful to me. And I can't wait to start scouring thrift stores for pregnancy clothes.:)