February 8, 2010

Sorry its been a while friends! Life has been a little busy and I haven't had the time to go treasure hunting. I've been actually doing a lot of it, but for our house instead. We just decided to NOT move to Norman, therefore, I can actually DO all the things I've been wanting to to our house. We just bought a new sofa, I'm SO excited about it!!!

But today, I did find time to go to the Goodwill. And I found this dress. SO awesome. Considering the fact that I coveted this dress at Target all last summer. I think my little sister has it too. (We own about 6 of the same dresses from Target. Thats the only reason I can think of as to why its good we don't live in the same state.) But this dress was 5 buckaroos, rather than the $25 it was in the stores. Goodwill comes through again.:) Sorry for all the construction in the background. I have been painting pretty much everything in my house for the past 2 weeks. Its great fun!:)


  1. i just found your blog, and i think what you are doing is so cool! i really admire you, and wish:
    1. that my goodwill had ANYTHING like the stuff yours does!
    and 2. that i had the willpower to NOT buy anything new, haha!


  2. Very sweet sundress! Man I can't wait to shop for non-maternity clothes again. :-) Didn't know you were considering a move to Norman--but yay for staying in your house that you've already put so much into making so cute!

  3. The dress looks cute on you!

    Off topic - But I really like your kitchen table :)

  4. Thanks! That was of course a Craigslist find for $50 that we stripped and repainted. The chairs are bought from a store (gasp!:) but I love it too.