March 10, 2011

I hit the JACKPOT at the Goodwill yesterday. It was one of those days that I left thinking, "What if I hadn't gone??? I would have missed SO much!!!" Yeah yeah, I know. I wouldn't have known what I had missed if I hadn't gone, but still... it was a good feeling.

Ok, lets start with the first item that is probably only exciting to me. And lets make a long story short and just say that I've been wanting one of these, because I decided about 4 weeks ago that I wanted a place for my recycling in my kitchen and the only place I knew to put it, was under my sink - where my trash was. So, I debated, but decided to that I could move the trash out from under the sink and get one of these thingys. Little did I know, that they run at least $45 and up. LAME. So guess what I found? A beautiful stainless steel one for $22. It had a dent in the side, which I promptly popped out and it looks and works perfectly.
Ok, this little silver cup was $1. And there were three. I bought some at the Goodwill about a year ago - 5 of them, got them home and realized they leak, (during this party) These are sealed through and through and for $1 each, I couldn't pass up their shiny beautiful selves. I think they are cute for holding flowers or a bunch of pens.
This little seashell pillow was $3. One of the shell buttons were broken, which I super glued and you wouldn't know the difference. I thought it would look perfect on our bed.
Which is does.:)
Isn't it cute??? I thought it deserved three pictures.:)
Remember this guy? From here?
Well a couple weeks ago I found this sucker - for $5. It's an original. And super cute. And has teal and blue - perfect for Britt's room.
I put it here because I wasn't sure where else it would go.
Well then I found this. FOR $10!!!! It's this cute little villa ocean scene, with again, teal and blues and I knew it was meant for Britt's room in an instant.
I wish the colors popped out more in the photo - cause they are so bright and cheery.
Well I think I'm going to put all three above the crib. We moved the crib down a little which made our hanging of the one painting off-center. So now I have the other two to fill it in! Super excited to have 3 original paintings all for the grand total of $55.
And last but not least, is this wreath. I had seen it at Target, for $40. Yeah, not gonna happen. But for $15, I'll totally buy it. There were some slightly bare spots where some had chipped off, but overall you couldn't tell.
I think it looks so fresh and springy on the front door!!


  1. Sooooo jealous of the wreath!!! I have been eyeing that baby for months, but refuse to pay for it at retail!

  2. Seriously Anna you must take me Goodwill shopping with you sometime! I never find stuff like this I always find junk!

  3. Wow, I should resale shop with you! These finds are amazing... come over soon and re-do my place?