September 13, 2010

I bought this dress at the Salvation Army at the beginning of the summer and am just now getting around to showing it to you all.:/ Its super comfy, was only $5 and was previously from F21. Its been great in adapting to my growing gut, er, belly.:) I tend to wear flowing clothes or ones that don't show my shape and so this is a fun change to strut the preggo label.:)
I haven't been thrifting in a while and I'm starting to get frustrated with my lack of comfortable/stylish options that my closet is offering me. As sad as I am to see the summer come to a close, I'm even more sad about the fact I think I'm going to have an even harder time dressing this fall/winter.
I did just got two bags of maternity clothes from ladies at church which I'm SO grateful for. I haven't gone through them yet so I don't know if there is anything I can wear, but anything is great at this point! Only 12 weeks left to go!:)
Oh and by the way, HOW BOUT THEM REDSKINS????:)