September 30, 2010

I found this little tank at the Goodwill yesterday for $2. I'm running out of summer shirts that fit my belly that aren't t-shirts. So for $2, I took it. It's long and light and really comfortable.
The little ruffle in the front is cute. I layered it with another tank cause I felt like it needed something underneath and it dipped a little low with my new assets that I've been growing along with a belly.
The weather is cooling off and soon I'll see what I have in my fall waredrobe that that might fit me... hopefully it'll be feast over famine.


  1. okay 1. cute top 2. i'm just the tinnie tiniest bit jealous that in these pictures you don't look pregnant AT ALL!!! you my friend are a freak of nature.. in the BEST way possible :)

  2. These tanks will come in handy in fall too if you can throw a grey, white, or black cardigan, sweater, or blazer over them! Any luck thrifting maternity clothes? Is there such a thing as attractive maternity jeans?

  3. hahaha you girls are funny. i didn't even really notice that. it is funny how these shots just make me look a little wide, but completely hide the basketball i have attached to my waist.:)

    and Rachel - i am not convinced there are any maternity clothes that are cute. i have yet to find any. so at this point, I'm refusing to purchase.:)