January 21, 2010

Its been awhile - I apologize. I went skiing. In the Rockies. So ya can't blame me. Thats way better than thrifting. BUT LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!
I have been wanting a mens (or womens) tux jacket and I found one! For $15 bucks! I found this cute little consignment shop today and EVERYTHING in the store was 50%. Otherwise, it would have been a little pricey for my liking. I'm SUPER stoked about this find though cause I was literally thinking just today (prior to seeing the store while driving by and slamming on the brakes so I could make the right hand turn into the the parking lot) "It would be great to find a tux jacket. That will probably be tricky - not many of those trampsin' around central OK." And here I am. Standing in my bathroom taking pictures for you. (and the black blurb next to my leg is Ellen's bee-hind when she decided to wander in, wondering what the heck I was doing.)
I took about a million pictures cause I'm realizing just how hard it is to take pictures of yourself when you're attempting to demonstrate the amazing purchase you are wearing.

I find myself very amusing when I'm like "OH MY GOSH!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND THIS!!!! LOOK AT THIS NAMEBRAND!!! AND IN OKLAHOMA!!!" It's like I've never been in a thrift store or found anything slightly useful and that the people of Oklahoma are completely void of style. I mean seriously, I practically did all of this already, except I slapped a title on the blog and decided to be super extreme about. And I definitely know some super trendy people who are native to this great state, as to whether or not they give their leftovers to Goodwill is another question. So - this is a pledge to simma down.:)

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