January 28, 2010

Ice? Yes please.

Well nothing of this outfit was from a thrift store except the teal shirt underneath. Sorry I am not showing it to you in its fullest capacity. It made for a nice tank under my sweater though. It was one of the items I got from Good will this past weekend.

On another note, Oklahoma is expecting a large ice storm to hit us at any time today. Its hilarious how freaked out people get. In general. Not just here in Oklahoma, although they seem to be above average. The governor declared it a state of emergency. YESTERDAY. More than 24 hrs prior to any precipitation falling from the sky. Hahaha, apparently, according to Facebook, everyone and their mom was stocking up on groceries and the like as well. One girl said that everyone was preparing for the "Y2K, er, I mean ice.":)

I can understand some what of the craziness though. The last ice storm that hit, 2 years ago, knocked power out in like 30% of the State and a lot of people didn't have power for almost 2 weeks. It was bad. So, I think people are scared it'll be like that again.

I on the otherhand, just don't want to go to work this morning, so I was hoping for somewhat of a freezing rain to have already begun. I'm slightly procrastinating in getting ready... hence the 8am blogging....

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