April 8, 2010

So, got this shirt yesterday. I saw it on my way to the check out counter at the Salvation Army and just picked it up and bought it. Didn't even try it on. It just looked flowly, breezy and completely comfortable. And I was right. Its all of the above. Oh and it was $2.
What isn't so great about this shirt are two things. First being that it came with sequins, clear ones, but sequins none the less, all over the embroidered part of the shirt. I am NOT a sequin fan when it comes to normal, every day shirts. Dresses and shirts for going out are fine, as long as its done tastefully. I just feel Bedazzled it I'm wearing sequins on everyday clothes. So, when I saw it, I knew I'd be ripping out every last one of them, which I did last night while watching Hancock with the hubby. It didn't take horribly long cause they were all sewn on by one long thread so I just snipped it in a bunch of places and just pulled it all out.
The other thing that was wrong with this shirt, with no fault of its own, was that by the time it got to work with me this morning, it had egg all down the front. Yes, egg. I know! SO RUDE! Well the fact is, is that I got too greedy and hungry that I decided to eat my egg/turkey/cheese muffin that I make myself every morning. I usually wrap it up in foil and eat it when I get to work. Nope, not today. I was just FAMISHED or so I thought and this also happened to be the morning that I was also a little rushed and didn't let the yolk cook all the way, and I threw it on my english muffin, swaddled that thing in foil and ran out the door. I'm about to enter the highway when I take my second bite, and look down to see that I had egg yolk dripped all over the front of me. Jeans, shirt, seat belt. The works. Peeerrrrrfect. Thanks to Shout Wipes and mad skills with driving with my knees (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Especially when driving on the interstate like I was) it is almost completely invisible and back to its sheery beautiful state of being.
Speaking of invisible, I think I look like a ghost here. (Ya like that transition, eh?? Eh??) Clearly I'm a little over-exposed on my lighting. Or just part angel. Guess you'll never know.
You all have a great day. Beware of under cooked egg yolks.

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  1. You always find great finds. Now about the driving, ahemmm, Anna...LOl. glad you maneuvered the car well and the shirt was back to its normal state. Do you ever visit Platos? I was recently introduced by my sister when I lived in Colorado and Now when we have skype sessions she is like , "look sista I found you this shirt, only 3.99 or this jacket for 5.00", but then she spends more money in shipping, so really I don't know if she is getting a bargain. BUt I tell you, here clothes are SUPER expensive. and thrift stores,nope they don't have any.

    Have a great day!