March 18, 2010

Annnnd this is what I'm wearing today. Please don't judge. I know its a big ugly baggy sweater but its SO comfortable and its cooooold outside (said in my best whining voice ever) I am a sucker for baggy sweaters that just engulf me. And if they're ugly? All the better.
This one happens to be from L.L.Bean - so who knows how much the original owner paid for this shindig. I bought it for $2.50. And in my opinion, was a very well spent $2.50. I don't think I could have spent more though.
I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday - almost the weekend!!!!


  1. I wish I was wearing a comfortable sweater right now too! Today I am wearing a dress and a cardigan and massive heels... oh well! Cute blog, too! Feel free to visit mine!

  2. You can get away with wearing baggy clothes, you have a slim body. It does look comfortable though.=)