March 12, 2010

Not TOTALLY sure as to why I felt the need to take so many pictures of this outfit but I just kinda like it. Its the shirt that was recently extracted from the horrible grasp of the thrift stores, restored to my loving and much more appreciating arms. CLEARLY I should have owned it. Couldn't just LEAVE it there! The jeans are from a thrift store in L.A but I got them last year. I think I posted before that they were bootcut but I had them tailored to skinny. Which I'm about to do to another pair of jeans that I want made into boyfriend/cropped jeans. A tailor can do wonders. Especially one that is good and cheap.:)
Hopefully this week will be one of the last that I'm rockin' the boots. I'm SO ready for flip-flops, sandals and heels!!
I love navy and white together - the nautical theme. Love stripes and 3/4 sleeves, and of course, a $3 price tag. Too good to pass up.
Happy FRIDAY!!! Yippee!!


  1. Hahahahaha (!): "extracted from the horrible grasp of the thrift stores" LOVE IT!

    Anna, my site address has changed:


  2. Hey cuz!!

    so i went to an antique shop today. I'm on spring break in Petosky, MI and found the sweetest earings ever. they're mosaic italian antique earings with colbalt blue, orange and yellow flowers. they're really different.
    I don't thrift often but might have to start.
    I like your blog by the way, It's so much fun just to pop on from time to time to see what you're up to, and finding!
    Love you, amy