March 14, 2010

So I saw this little ditty about a month ago at the Goodwill. Looked at it, almost bought it, but then decided that since I wasn't sure it worked, I'd just leave it behind. Well, it was still there on my next visit and I was like, "Either I can spend $9 and get a freaking sweet chandelier, or I can save my $9." I bought it. And it worked.:) So today it got a makeover. This is the best before pic I got before I sprayed. It was just that ugly brass. Yuck.
Here it is undergoing a facial.
And here she is all dolled up in the office (hoping to one day be the nursey;)
I bought crystals YEARS ago to go on another chandelier that I found at a flea market that is WAY to large. It has 16 light fixtures!!! This one is just 8. So this one was perfect.
I'm pretty happy about it. I love love love chandeliers and when they come in white and crystals, makes me even happier.


  1. It's interesting how in the pictures of it hanging, the undersides of the light bases and the arms coming out from the center look blue. That would really work in a nursery!!! :)

  2. So lovely, can totally see that in a baby room! :-)

  3. love it!! I still want a chandelier for my girly room.