March 4, 2010

We received the Sunshine Award!!!:) Hope, over at Hope Chella was SO kind to award us this, and you NEED to go to her blog and check hers out - her pictures are completely stunning. I can never chose my favorite.

I am passing on this award to these lovely bloggers who are such an inspiration to me:
Perfect Imperfection - whose home and life on her blog are so inviting.
A.Co Est 1984 - always has GREAT fashion ideas and also makes her own jewelry!!
Living My Story - who is an inspiration to me as a military wife and a wonderful mother.
Blueprint Bliss - has wonderful design ideas.
Life in the Fun Lane - if I could be someone, it would be Holly. She is incredible and she allows to step into her home and life everyday.
Traveling Russells - dear friends who are giving their lives to children in Nicaragua.
All About Transparency - for her realness and honesty about the struggles of life and being in the military.
Rachel Marie - for being so much like me I feel like we would be instant friends (aside from the fact that we already are in the blogging world:) if we didn't live half way across the country.

I love you all and you have become very dear to me. Thank you for bring sunshine in my days.:)

To accept you must:
1. Post the logo on your lovely blog.
2. Pass it on to other bloggers who bring sunshine into your day
3. Link the bloggers to your blog and make sure they know they received the award!!


  1. THANK YOU ANNA!!!!! Awww yay!!!! :D

  2. Thank you!!! Of course I am a fan of your blog :)