March 17, 2010

I had a shirt on this morning to show you but my camera is just being really funny at taking pictures right now! I don't know whats up with the lighting in my bathroom these days to make it so difficult to take a clear picture, but just is. So, here are some shorts I bought the other day that I am SO excited about because they are LINEN. I love linen. Especially linen shorts cause I'm not the biggest fan of shorts due to how uncomfortable I tend to be in them, but these? Ahhhhhh. They feel like I have nothing on. In a good way.:)
They are a grayish/blueish/greenish color. Perfect to go with lots of stuff. And of course came with the perfect price of $3. They are origninally from F21.
Get excited!!! Today is Salvation Army's EVERYTHING IS 1/2 OFF DAY!!:) I'm hoping to hit one up during my lunch break and another one after work.:) Can't wait to show you want I find.


  1. Nice!

    OMG you forgot about me?! ;) Ya, I figured it's probably smarter to change the site address - good call you think? .. hopefully I haven't lost too many of my very-few followers ;)

    YIPEE! 50% off! Nice! ... BTW, did you see the ADA leathers skirt I wore with the grey top for my birthday dinner? THRIFT FIND! Oh ya! Thought of you :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, lovely!


  2. Your are right, linen clothes are super comfty!