March 20, 2010

I'm not gonna lie. I'm pretty excited/proud of this one. When I was at Salvation Army this past Wednesday, I decided to peruse the skirt section. I have bought long skirts before at a thrift store and turned them into strapless dresses. And thats what I had in mind for this skirt that was as homely as it could be. The elastic was pretty tight and so I knew it would work as a dress. But then I got an idea! I loved the trend that came out last summer of the short floral flowy skirts that girls tucked t-shirts into and put on a belt or just had an elastic waist - they were super cute but I just never bought one. Probably because I knew they were a trend therefore didn't want to spend the money on one unless it was super cheap - which meant my place of shopping was F21 but theirs were all too short for me. A girls gotta cover up! So anyway, thats what I decided to do. Crop that sucker!

Pretty hideous eh? Ahh, the potential in things that no one else sees. All for a mere $2.
Hahahaha, I look like a homeschooled mom. And I can say that cause I was homeschooled.:) Betcha ya didn't know that about me, now did you?
And off came about 10 inches, with room to hem. I was too anxious to show you that I didn't iron it out once I sewed it. So here she is!!

Yay for cute summer skirts! I could have worn this yesterday cause it was so warm out, but now its SNOWING today on the first day of Spring! Craziness. Happy weekend though!!!


  1. I was worried when I saw the first photo of the skirt when it was long -- so happy to see that you chopped it off! It looks great.

  2. I swear we are the same person. Seriously. This is more than weird that you did this because I have been in the process of hemming my old homeschool skirt/dresses into summer skirts too! Love you :)

  3. Amazing how the look changes by shortening it! So cute!

  4. Hi Anna, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be foloowing as well. What a fun Blog you have!!!!
    And your spring/summer skirt looks awesome!
    Here, in Canada, we had snow too...I had to shovel this morning... Well, that's the way it is up here. Totally impredictable!
    I'll see you soon and have a lovely day,
    Li :-)

  5. HOMESCHOOL MOM's DO NOT look that frumpy. My Mother has excellent taste! (lol)

    It turned out REALLY cute though.


  6. At first when I saw the long skirt I was like "really" but that goes to show you how you have an eye for fashion Anna because after hemming it WOW looks fabulous, I would have dismissed the long skirt but you turned it 360 degrees, I love it.