March 11, 2010

So I found these the other day at Goodwill. And I was drawn to their gloomy appeal - overcast England dreary days, was what came to mind when I saw them.:) And I figured if I ever got sick of them, (because I get bored VERY easily with my decorating) I could always use their frames for some sort of project cause they have such pretty detail. I just couldn't stand the old musty "gold" look the frames were going for. I knew where I wanted to put them in our home - in the" hallway" leading to the office (I say "hallway" like "hallway" cause its hardly a hallway. Man if you say it that many times it sounds really funny. But anyway, our hallway is as long as you'll see in the pictures below. It can barely be called one. But I don't know what else to call it. Unless we wanted to go with 5-feet-of-carpet-and-wall-space-that-leads-us-from-the-living-room-to-the-office-area. And that just doesn't do it for me.) So here they are. All ready to get glamed up.
So they got an upgrade. (sorry for the yellowish pics. I wanted to show them to you and I literally took these pictures 2 minutes after I hung them and it was in the evening with no natural lighting.)

Oh, and they were $4.50 a piece. Score.:)

I have some absolutely AMAZING finds that I cannot WAIT to show you!!! Coming soon.:)


  1. I'm not very fond of gold frames so I LOVE how you transformed them! You have an eye for this kind of things. "you see the potential in things."

  2. Wow! The white looks good and those are quite large frames - great price (obvs)!