March 16, 2010

Hello lovely friends!!! I'm happy I have something to show you today - I feel like I have all these treasures that I want you to see, but they are summer pieces that I haven't been able to wear yet, and I know I could throw on an outfit and take a picture just so I have something to blog about, but I feel like the point is to see how thrift store finds work in the reality of life. So, rest assured, there is plenty to come, but we just have to be patient with the weather to corporate with us.:)

This tissue thin 3/4 sleeve shirt was $3 and perfect for spring outfits. And you can never get enough thin white shirts in my opinion. Its super comfy and I barely feel it on.:) I can wear this with shorts and skirts no problem, as well as under sweaters. Totally versatile, therefore, I love it.
One of the big scores of yesterdays thrift store shopping were these boots. They were $9 and looked naturally wore-in as if they were suppose to be that way. Real (and soft) leather and a nice neutral color. I'm more of brown boots girl, but these being more of a nude color is good cause I know it will go with tons of outfits.
I'm sorry for the horribly blurry photos. Not quite sure what was up with the camera this morning, and I was too much in a rush due to poor time management to fiddle with it too much.:)
But you get the idea.:) I almost didn't get them since we are leaving boot season, but I seriously can't get enough of boots. They are just perfect for fall/winter!!! And I'm thinking I have a couple more chances to wear them before it becomes too warm.


  1. I agree, you can't have enough white shirts!

  2. Hi, Anna! I popped over here from a comment you left on my blog the other day, and I just HAD to say how much I LOVE that photo on your banner. Makes me wonder how I'm going to talk my husband into letting me switch out my hideous fluorescent lights in my closet for some chandeliers. Hmmmm....

  3. seriously?! you got those for nine bucks?! that is a real steal girlfriend. you'll have tons of opps to wear them too :)